June 18, 2013

The Rising Gods of the East

I was having a fan girl moment and I kept browsing some information about my favorite Korean guy at the moment, Mickey Yoochun. I came to know that he belong to a very popular boy band in East Asia. I’ve known this band when I was still in High School but I did not pay much attention because all I care about was Britney Spears, Backstreet boys and N’sync. The band is called Dong Bang shin Ki (DBSK) in Korea, Tong fVang Xien Qi (TVXQ) in China and Tohanshinki in Japan. Their name all mean “the rising Gods of the East”.

The boy band consisting of five members was labeled as the “King of K-pop”, selling over 11 million album copies throughout their career in Japan and Korea alone and they have one of the biggest fandom in the world, the Cassiopeia in Korea and Big East in Japan earned a Guinness World of record in 2008. They have 800,000 fans in Korea alone, how much more in Asia or the World? But since the hiatus in 2010, the band only returned as a Duo leaving the other members, leaving my Mickey (why oh why?) with the other 2 members out.

They have a problem with SM entertainment, the agency who recruited them, its sad to know that this group separated and as I watch their videos in Youtube, I can see their fans sad comments about their band break up. It must have been difficult for the fans to let go, and they still want all five of them back together. The other members formed a new band consisting of a Trio called JYJ, and that’s where Mickey is now. I guess thanks to their break-up, I would never see Mickey in my favorite dramas today.

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