June 6, 2013

The Coveted Bangle, By A Little Tyke

Every Mom, well a full time one at that set aside one whole day of the week for mall, grocers and market day. Mine and the family is the second and fourth Saturday, if nothing come up before that or after that will cancel the normal schedule and conform to the necessity of going on that crucial day. We live quite far from the city and its malls, which for the kids tagging along is a life and death situation, with death if they will be left at home.

One fateful Sunday just recently was the crucial day. The Father won’t hear of going to church in the city, malls must wait after church here at home. Then the imposed schedule was followed for we would have no money to pay for purchases if we go ahead with what we want. Traveling along with the kids complete and happily chattering for Dad told them they could buy their heart’s desires of up to $50 maximum. The youngest usually the most vocal one was quiet.

When asked if he is sick, he motioned for my head to bow so he could whisper in my ears “Could you add an extra $5 to what Dad would give? I do want so much to buy Mickay a bangle.” Without saying a word I winked and at home by early evening the neighbors could hear my eldest daughter’s shriek. The little twerp gave her the bangle she had been eyeing for a long time now at the mall. The little one, received a bag of jelly beans from the three older ones and a box of retractable crayons from me. He so much enjoyed our day at the mall he mumbled and fall asleep.

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