June 21, 2013

Reaching the Correct Notes

Lily belongs in a family of musical players. Her brother plays the Violin; her dad handles the trombone, while her mother is an expert when it comes to the flute. As for Lily, she is a good piano player. Together, they can easily play the orchestra and because of this, they frequently get invited to parties. Lately, Lily has been encountering several problems with her sustain pedal. It seems that is slipping, and for some reasons, it is not working as it should.

Whenever she plays the piano, she would have a hard time, making her frustrated in the process. To fix this problem, she decided to purchase great sustain pedal at guitar center which her cousin recommended. Not only did it solve her dilemma, it also allowed her to reach the correct notes. As it was made with the best materials, she knows that it will be with her for a long period of time. This only means one thing, more playing for Lily and her family.

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