June 21, 2013

I Bid My Farewell To The Sparkling Vampires

This movie date with my husband has been long overdue, we were supposed to watch it on the premier but due to some circumstances we had postponed it. At last I and my husband were in the cinema watching Breaking dawn while eating burger, fries, a Coke and some popcorn, I’m such a pig when I watch movies. Hey all these excitement is revving up my metabolism, I don’t want to be weak when the climax comes.

The movie was great, in my opinion they really gave the audience a good movie. And it’s nice to see Bella as a badass, I’m really tired of her awkwardness and weakness and seeing her with different emotions is refreshing, that she’s born to be a vampire, it’s like the purpose of her existence. The twist in the climax was really good, it kept my heart pounding and it got me confused. The finale came; the music playing in the background while they show all those past movie moments, the different movie characters while they flipped the pages of the book really got me into tears, and it just feels nostalgic and heartbreaking now that it ended. It was all worth it.

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