June 30, 2013

The Lowdown on Bankruptcy

You just went through the rigorous and frustrating process of filing for bankruptcy. Now what? The appointed trustee now has to do his job by selling some of your assets to pay for your debt. If you filed for a chapter 7 bankruptcies then there is a possibility that you will keep your home and vehicle, but that still depends on the circumstances. There are some cases when an income payments agreement has to be signed for this will allow you to deal with your monthly installments.

There are several obligations that you must go through when you become bankrupt. This includes informing the Official Receiver about your assets and earnings, cooperating with your appointed trustee, and paying your debt and mortgage. This can be a tiring process so it is recommended to consult and research more about this. Now that you know what happens in bankruptcy, you need not be afraid and just continue what you are doing.

June 21, 2013

Dogs as Man’s Best Friend Should be Taken Care of

Do you love dogs? Dogs are considered man’s best friend. Their presence in your home can ease your boredom as these furry animals can make you smile. Dogs are of different breeds. When you decide to have dogs in your house, you have to consider some important things like their food and vitamins. You should have time for your dogs even if you are too busy with your work. They need to be pampered because they also have feelings.

They become lonely when you ignore them. If you can have the chance, try playing with them for a few minutes, and when you have enough time, bathe them. They are like your kids who need to be taken care of. When you have dogs, you feel secured because they are your guards. When somebody wants to barge into your house, dogs will notice the presence of strangers. As a responsible dog owner, you have to give them anti-rabies immunization, and when they get sick, give them the needed medicine. Dogs as man’s best friend can guarantee an unconditional love.

Reaching the Correct Notes

Lily belongs in a family of musical players. Her brother plays the Violin; her dad handles the trombone, while her mother is an expert when it comes to the flute. As for Lily, she is a good piano player. Together, they can easily play the orchestra and because of this, they frequently get invited to parties. Lately, Lily has been encountering several problems with her sustain pedal. It seems that is slipping, and for some reasons, it is not working as it should.

Whenever she plays the piano, she would have a hard time, making her frustrated in the process. To fix this problem, she decided to purchase great sustain pedal at guitar center which her cousin recommended. Not only did it solve her dilemma, it also allowed her to reach the correct notes. As it was made with the best materials, she knows that it will be with her for a long period of time. This only means one thing, more playing for Lily and her family.

I Bid My Farewell To The Sparkling Vampires

This movie date with my husband has been long overdue, we were supposed to watch it on the premier but due to some circumstances we had postponed it. At last I and my husband were in the cinema watching Breaking dawn while eating burger, fries, a Coke and some popcorn, I’m such a pig when I watch movies. Hey all these excitement is revving up my metabolism, I don’t want to be weak when the climax comes.

The movie was great, in my opinion they really gave the audience a good movie. And it’s nice to see Bella as a badass, I’m really tired of her awkwardness and weakness and seeing her with different emotions is refreshing, that she’s born to be a vampire, it’s like the purpose of her existence. The twist in the climax was really good, it kept my heart pounding and it got me confused. The finale came; the music playing in the background while they show all those past movie moments, the different movie characters while they flipped the pages of the book really got me into tears, and it just feels nostalgic and heartbreaking now that it ended. It was all worth it.

Shop for Christmas Ornaments Now

Most people make the mistake of purchasing Christmas ornaments on holiday season itself. You may be wondering why this is the case. The answer is simple, that is because the price of the ornaments will considerably balloon come Christmas time. This is purely a matter of supply and demand where some merchandisers will increase the costs as the demand rises. Do not follow this type of tradition because you will only find yourself with an empty wallet.

Instead, shop for christmas ornaments when Christmas season is far away. That way, you will save a tremendous amount of cash, allowing you to buy more important things like your son’s Christmas present or perhaps a new gadget for your husband. Learn to time your shopping spree, not only when it comes to ornaments, but for other things as well. People may find it weird that you are ordering Christmas stuff early, but it is your money you are saving and not theirs.

June 18, 2013

The Rising Gods of the East

I was having a fan girl moment and I kept browsing some information about my favorite Korean guy at the moment, Mickey Yoochun. I came to know that he belong to a very popular boy band in East Asia. I’ve known this band when I was still in High School but I did not pay much attention because all I care about was Britney Spears, Backstreet boys and N’sync. The band is called Dong Bang shin Ki (DBSK) in Korea, Tong fVang Xien Qi (TVXQ) in China and Tohanshinki in Japan. Their name all mean “the rising Gods of the East”.

The boy band consisting of five members was labeled as the “King of K-pop”, selling over 11 million album copies throughout their career in Japan and Korea alone and they have one of the biggest fandom in the world, the Cassiopeia in Korea and Big East in Japan earned a Guinness World of record in 2008. They have 800,000 fans in Korea alone, how much more in Asia or the World? But since the hiatus in 2010, the band only returned as a Duo leaving the other members, leaving my Mickey (why oh why?) with the other 2 members out.

They have a problem with SM entertainment, the agency who recruited them, its sad to know that this group separated and as I watch their videos in Youtube, I can see their fans sad comments about their band break up. It must have been difficult for the fans to let go, and they still want all five of them back together. The other members formed a new band consisting of a Trio called JYJ, and that’s where Mickey is now. I guess thanks to their break-up, I would never see Mickey in my favorite dramas today.

June 6, 2013

The Coveted Bangle, By A Little Tyke

Every Mom, well a full time one at that set aside one whole day of the week for mall, grocers and market day. Mine and the family is the second and fourth Saturday, if nothing come up before that or after that will cancel the normal schedule and conform to the necessity of going on that crucial day. We live quite far from the city and its malls, which for the kids tagging along is a life and death situation, with death if they will be left at home.

One fateful Sunday just recently was the crucial day. The Father won’t hear of going to church in the city, malls must wait after church here at home. Then the imposed schedule was followed for we would have no money to pay for purchases if we go ahead with what we want. Traveling along with the kids complete and happily chattering for Dad told them they could buy their heart’s desires of up to $50 maximum. The youngest usually the most vocal one was quiet.

When asked if he is sick, he motioned for my head to bow so he could whisper in my ears “Could you add an extra $5 to what Dad would give? I do want so much to buy Mickay a bangle.” Without saying a word I winked and at home by early evening the neighbors could hear my eldest daughter’s shriek. The little twerp gave her the bangle she had been eyeing for a long time now at the mall. The little one, received a bag of jelly beans from the three older ones and a box of retractable crayons from me. He so much enjoyed our day at the mall he mumbled and fall asleep.

How it Works Out well?

Last week I am installing a 4 foot antenna on my boat that has a bimini top and I’m concerned about how the reception will be. My mom suggested me a lot new things to do before getting into it. She suggested me that the higher you can get that antenna the better your reception will be. She said to think creatively, and find a spot on the bimini if it is up most of the time or outside the bim if you bring it up and down a lot. As a rule, you should always mount an antenna away from other metal, the longer the antenna, the better the performance.

The Best option, use the 8' antenna and place higher than your bimini top. Next best would be place the 4' outside and above your top. There is a certain parasitic action which takes place between antennas and surrounding metal, it is best to avoid it. The actual loss and deformation of the antenna pattern would be difficult to explain but the radiation pattern from an antenna is like a donut around the antenna, you put another piece of metal in the beam pattern and it is like taking a bite out of the donut, this will be an area of poor reception and transmission coverage.

June 3, 2013

Bringing Happiness To Our Love Ones

We would always exert an effort for the sake of our friends and love ones because we love them. When there are some celebrations, we would spend some cash by buying something that shall make them happy and make them love us more. These challenges are just normal because this would measure our love for each other and also strengthen the bond within our relationship.

We are living in the 21st century and everything is so advanced. We would sometimes use the internet to check things that will surely make our love ones smile. When giving some gifts or travelling out of town, we would consult the online market for some tips. To make the bondage between us stronger, we would sometimes have trips every season. For example during winter, we would ski and sometimes check the peterglenn.com for ski jackets for people for all ages. These acts show that we are all willing to work hard for the pleasure of our dearest ones.