May 22, 2013

Rating Two Kisses

I’m currently reading a book right now and it has a love triangle going on. The girl was comparing the kisses she has shared with both guys. Kissing guy number one felt hot and nerve-racking and definitely something that is more passionate while the guy number two felt something like a familiar kiss, comfortable and easy. It’s just like lying in a hammock while enjoying a book, just carefree.

She likes both guys, so I wondered if I were the girl and if I’m going to rate the kisses I shared with these guys, guy number one would get a 10 and guy number two would get a 6 (lol). Kissing guy number two is not that bad, in fact I like sweet kisses but who doesn’t like a fierce and passionate kiss huh?
There’s nothing more desirable than a passionate kiss, it’s like every part of you is dazed and all you can think about is the intensity of how you feel about each other, catching your breath while your lip locks with such ferocity that even after you unlock it, the feeling still lingers in your lips. I mean come on who doesn’t want that?

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