May 9, 2013

Expressing Through Poetry

You can express your feelings through poetry; I do this every time I feel happy, sad or angry, but most of the time I come up with a poem when I am feeling down or hurt. I don’t know why melancholy inspires me to write. The best poems i write was really not that long, it’s quite short and doesn’t really follow a certain pattern. It’s just free writing where you just try to write what you are feeling. I’ve written it out of love, fear and sadness.

I wrote one poem back in the days when I was so much in love with my husband. The poem I wrote is kind of erotic. The inspiration came to me when a third party was involved and he got confused between the two of us, so he asked for a space, to think things over. Those days where dreadful and I kept thinking about him, my fear and longing inspired me to write. I posted it on the local online literary journal and it got accepted and unknowingly it was included in a book compilation of poems and short stories. I was surprised, all I did was just wrote and posted it and now it’s in a book. I gave myself a treat because of that, I’m so proud of myself.

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