May 3, 2013

Domination of Men in the Society

Years have passed and men have dominated both the politics and the economy of the world. Men have also made great efforts to be the catalyst of change and make our society a better place to live. It may be sometimes hard to understand what men thinks, but when they speak; every problem tend to grow lighter and smiles begin to form in our lips.

Men have different kinds of personalities and their needs are based on what kind of persons are they. For example, there are some men who would like to be organized and have full control of all things. He would have all kinds of planners, briefcases for men, suits, pagers, pens, etc. There are some men who would be easy go lucky; some would be dominating and some are assertive. But, whatever type of men there is, we should not forget that in every men’s success is a women: who are actually their mothers, sisters, daughters, partners or wives.

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