May 22, 2013

Rating Two Kisses

I’m currently reading a book right now and it has a love triangle going on. The girl was comparing the kisses she has shared with both guys. Kissing guy number one felt hot and nerve-racking and definitely something that is more passionate while the guy number two felt something like a familiar kiss, comfortable and easy. It’s just like lying in a hammock while enjoying a book, just carefree.

She likes both guys, so I wondered if I were the girl and if I’m going to rate the kisses I shared with these guys, guy number one would get a 10 and guy number two would get a 6 (lol). Kissing guy number two is not that bad, in fact I like sweet kisses but who doesn’t like a fierce and passionate kiss huh?
There’s nothing more desirable than a passionate kiss, it’s like every part of you is dazed and all you can think about is the intensity of how you feel about each other, catching your breath while your lip locks with such ferocity that even after you unlock it, the feeling still lingers in your lips. I mean come on who doesn’t want that?

May 16, 2013

Kitchen Sink: The Standard of the Kitchen

A person’s home is considered their castle and like a castle most people want to keep it as clean as they can for any guest that may stop by. Many people will focus on their bedrooms, living rooms as well as dining rooms, but there is no more important room than the kitchen. The kitchen is a very significant part of anyone’s home as this is the place where the refrigerator, sink as well as food is. No matter how clean the rest of your home is, if a kitchen sink is dirty than the entire look and feel of your home will be thrown off.

It is very important that every kitchen has quality kitchen sinks. Sinks are the trademark of anyone’s kitchen and can make or break the overall look of the kitchen. In many cases a good sink will come in a wide variety of different features as well as look beautiful.

May 9, 2013

Expressing Through Poetry

You can express your feelings through poetry; I do this every time I feel happy, sad or angry, but most of the time I come up with a poem when I am feeling down or hurt. I don’t know why melancholy inspires me to write. The best poems i write was really not that long, it’s quite short and doesn’t really follow a certain pattern. It’s just free writing where you just try to write what you are feeling. I’ve written it out of love, fear and sadness.

I wrote one poem back in the days when I was so much in love with my husband. The poem I wrote is kind of erotic. The inspiration came to me when a third party was involved and he got confused between the two of us, so he asked for a space, to think things over. Those days where dreadful and I kept thinking about him, my fear and longing inspired me to write. I posted it on the local online literary journal and it got accepted and unknowingly it was included in a book compilation of poems and short stories. I was surprised, all I did was just wrote and posted it and now it’s in a book. I gave myself a treat because of that, I’m so proud of myself.

May 3, 2013

Domination of Men in the Society

Years have passed and men have dominated both the politics and the economy of the world. Men have also made great efforts to be the catalyst of change and make our society a better place to live. It may be sometimes hard to understand what men thinks, but when they speak; every problem tend to grow lighter and smiles begin to form in our lips.

Men have different kinds of personalities and their needs are based on what kind of persons are they. For example, there are some men who would like to be organized and have full control of all things. He would have all kinds of planners, briefcases for men, suits, pagers, pens, etc. There are some men who would be easy go lucky; some would be dominating and some are assertive. But, whatever type of men there is, we should not forget that in every men’s success is a women: who are actually their mothers, sisters, daughters, partners or wives.