April 17, 2013

What I Hate About Facebook

Facebook has been the most widely used social networking site, I came to know about Facebook four years ago and I haven’t got to socially use it not until I had a number of friends and common friends of friends. That’s when I tried to socialize using it, it basically more of gossip rather than keeping in touch.

I have come to the point of stalking my boyfriend’s social activities, and that’s when I come to known things that should not be seen or should be left unseen. So what I did I tried to be cool in Facebook, put cool status so people would like or comment it. Yes, this is what Facebook did to me; I became insecure when people would ignore my status. I hate it when other people get so many likes for something that’s just ordinary or doesn’t make sense. I guess Facebook is like high school, the popular ones get more attention. Sadly I probably belong to the geeks or nerds waiting to be noticed. So ever since I married and got a child, I pay little attention to it. But I always raise eyebrow whenever I see people post status that annoy me, especially when their bragging about all the superficial things. I hate it!

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