April 24, 2013

Philippine Senator Not Impressed With J.Lo?

I burst out laughing after I saw this news at yahoo, Senator Miriam Santiago stated that she was not impressed with Jennifer Lopez’s concert performance; she got a VIP ticket by the way. She said that her ears were bombarded with noise and as soon as she started dancing and singing the audience was screaming and shouting and singing with her music. They’re like hypnotized with this idol. She also points out that kids today should be listening to classical music and ballet instead.

These didn’t shock me at all, senator Santiago was well known to be straightforward about what she’s feeling. She’s a senator and she’s old and not so open minded about the evolution of music and trends today. What came to me as a shock was her presence in the J,Lo’s concert. Why was she even there in the first place? I guess someone just pulled her to come along and enjoy the show which she didn’t.

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