April 1, 2013

I’m Not Perfect, I’m Only Human

This has become a very cliché excuse of people. Sometimes it’s irritating to hear people cover up their stupidity just because they are only human and are capable of mistakes. I never use this excuse because it’s like the lamest excuse you can ever think off but come to think of it, this statement is in fact true, we humans are capable of mistakes and a series of mistakes is called stupidity.

Come to think of it we are human, no matter how high and mighty good we are, we still look up ahead, or slip behind, we get tired, get annoyed, easily ashamed, fall in love and get hurt but we still choose to love again. Why should we be ashamed of committing mistakes? It’s because we’re humans and not robots, even robots has its flaws. The most cliché excuse is actually true, but should not be often used.

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