April 1, 2013

Elevator Scare

I saw this video uploaded in Facebook, it’s about an elevator prank in Brazil. When one rides in that elevator the lights will go out as if the power was shut down then this pretend creepy ghost girl carrying a doll will immediately get inside the elevator through a secret compartment before the power returns and when the lights are switched on you’ll find yourself trapped inside with a creepy girl staring at you screaming while you struggle to get out then the power went out again and the girl will also disappear.

I don’t like scary pranks; I swear if someone will do this to me I would be really angry. If I was in that elevator I would probably fainted after screaming or die of a heart attack. Seriously though, they should not be pranking old people, what were they thinking? If they died from a heart attack they are going to wish they shouldn’t have done that. It may be funny to other people but if you were in the position of the person being pranked, it was not funny at all.

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