April 24, 2013

Philippine Senator Not Impressed With J.Lo?

I burst out laughing after I saw this news at yahoo, Senator Miriam Santiago stated that she was not impressed with Jennifer Lopez’s concert performance; she got a VIP ticket by the way. She said that her ears were bombarded with noise and as soon as she started dancing and singing the audience was screaming and shouting and singing with her music. They’re like hypnotized with this idol. She also points out that kids today should be listening to classical music and ballet instead.

These didn’t shock me at all, senator Santiago was well known to be straightforward about what she’s feeling. She’s a senator and she’s old and not so open minded about the evolution of music and trends today. What came to me as a shock was her presence in the J,Lo’s concert. Why was she even there in the first place? I guess someone just pulled her to come along and enjoy the show which she didn’t.

April 17, 2013

What I Hate About Facebook

Facebook has been the most widely used social networking site, I came to know about Facebook four years ago and I haven’t got to socially use it not until I had a number of friends and common friends of friends. That’s when I tried to socialize using it, it basically more of gossip rather than keeping in touch.

I have come to the point of stalking my boyfriend’s social activities, and that’s when I come to known things that should not be seen or should be left unseen. So what I did I tried to be cool in Facebook, put cool status so people would like or comment it. Yes, this is what Facebook did to me; I became insecure when people would ignore my status. I hate it when other people get so many likes for something that’s just ordinary or doesn’t make sense. I guess Facebook is like high school, the popular ones get more attention. Sadly I probably belong to the geeks or nerds waiting to be noticed. So ever since I married and got a child, I pay little attention to it. But I always raise eyebrow whenever I see people post status that annoy me, especially when their bragging about all the superficial things. I hate it!

April 9, 2013

The Best Things In Life Are Free

I say yes to this quote, I never appreciated this before because all I think about is the importance of money. Yes, in the world we live in today, we need money to survive. It’s our necessity but money isn’t all that we need. Sometimes we pay more attention to the material things; like gadgets, jewelries, big houses, trendy clothes, cool cars. We try to lift our careers to achieve these things that make us happy.

Yes they do make us happy, because when we have all of this stuff; it makes us proud of ourselves to have achieved this much. But what happens next? We lose our purpose, because we assume that we already have all. But what we don’t realize that the littlest things, the ordinary things that we do together with the people we love is what makes us truly happy. The simple family dinner where everyone laughs and jokes with everybody, when your partner says he’s sincerest I love you, the first time your child says mama, the good memories, the sweet kisses and warm hugs. These cannot be bought, but it sure makes us undeniably happy.

April 1, 2013

Elevator Scare

I saw this video uploaded in Facebook, it’s about an elevator prank in Brazil. When one rides in that elevator the lights will go out as if the power was shut down then this pretend creepy ghost girl carrying a doll will immediately get inside the elevator through a secret compartment before the power returns and when the lights are switched on you’ll find yourself trapped inside with a creepy girl staring at you screaming while you struggle to get out then the power went out again and the girl will also disappear.

I don’t like scary pranks; I swear if someone will do this to me I would be really angry. If I was in that elevator I would probably fainted after screaming or die of a heart attack. Seriously though, they should not be pranking old people, what were they thinking? If they died from a heart attack they are going to wish they shouldn’t have done that. It may be funny to other people but if you were in the position of the person being pranked, it was not funny at all.

I’m Not Perfect, I’m Only Human

This has become a very cliché excuse of people. Sometimes it’s irritating to hear people cover up their stupidity just because they are only human and are capable of mistakes. I never use this excuse because it’s like the lamest excuse you can ever think off but come to think of it, this statement is in fact true, we humans are capable of mistakes and a series of mistakes is called stupidity.

Come to think of it we are human, no matter how high and mighty good we are, we still look up ahead, or slip behind, we get tired, get annoyed, easily ashamed, fall in love and get hurt but we still choose to love again. Why should we be ashamed of committing mistakes? It’s because we’re humans and not robots, even robots has its flaws. The most cliché excuse is actually true, but should not be often used.