March 28, 2013

The Healing Power Of The Hands

I’m always tense because of work. Though I perform well, my boss and I don’t see each other eye to eye and this contributes to my stress. I used to take a pill to calm my nerves and I know it will not do me any good in the long run so I sought an advice from the expert. My doctor told me to play Hand Drums because this will help me relax. At first I was a skeptic, how can playing this instrument help me?

However, I still gave it a shot and soon noticed several changes in my attitude. Whenever I play it at night, I felt better in the morning. This allowed me to cope better in the office. I’m no longer scared of my boss; instead I mind my own business, learn from the constructive criticism and do not let the gossip affect me. I learned that it’s because of the rhythm of the drum; it organizes my brainwaves and relaxes me in a way. I’m a totally changed person because of it.

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