March 9, 2013

Politics, Religion And The People

People really can’t help mixing politics with religion, and so is the other way around. Why is it so important that they have to co-exist? Maybe because religion has strong influence on the people allegiances but there are also complexities that one cannot deny.

The impact of religion in politics also has the downside to it. The laws that the government makes are influenced by our religious faith. It is also the basis on how humane or moral the laws that we make are. In the Philippines and other countries, religion plays a great role in our society. Politician’s moralities are questioned once their actions are different from teachings of the church. The priests and other religious people may preach on it during the mass, explaining how our leaders take a different path to what is God is teaching us, we should not follow them and they should not lead a country. But what the church should try understanding is that, to be able to lead a country one must weigh between what matter most, and what is for the greater good. I believe in God but I also believe in the greater good.

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