March 16, 2013

New SARS-like cases in Saudi Arabia

There have been recent cases of a virus similar to SARS found in Saudi Arabia were two people have died by it. And there are 6 similar cases found in Qatar. Reuters stated that a man from Qatar got the disease when he visited Saudi and likely spread the virus when he got back from the country. It has been reported to the World health Organization that the disease is caused by a corona virus; it has similarities with SARS which have killed thousands of people worldwide.

The virus emerging right now might be the second strain of SARS and it is really frightening to think that the incident last 2002 might be repeating again. But there are reports that some infected people recovered from the disease. This virus has flu-like symptoms which include coughing, sneezing and fever. This is spread through airborne and transmitted through droplet infection or close contact. I hope that health experts may come up of a vaccine soon enough or else history will repeat itself.

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