March 16, 2013

My Friend’s Baby Has VSD

A friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl last month, she did not post any pictures of her newborn on Facebook so I was quite surprise, she didn’t even updated her profile. I couldn’t reach her phone either. I message her to know about how well she is and her baby, still, no answer. So I thought maybe she needs space, or maybe she’s having postpartum depression. Not until today that she posted a picture of her and her baby and then everyone is congratulating her.

I learned from the comments that her baby is suffering from Ventricular septal defect (VSD), this usually occurs in newborns. VSD is a hole in the ventricles, the lower chamber of the heart. In VSD the blood being passed through the chambers is mixed because of the hole, this will give the heart too much work to do and will later result to heart failure, not only that, since there is a problem with the flow of oxygenated and un-oxygenated blood, the body receives less oxygen from the blood and can lead to cyanosis. The defect should be surgically corrected to improve the baby’s condition.

I’m glad to know that her baby is the 1st priority in surgery. I’m still hoping that the baby is strong enough to undergo operation. My friend has been praying for her baby and I hope that she can watch her grow up.

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