March 23, 2013

Bad Morning

Ever woke up in the wrong side of the bed? That’s what I feel today. I’m staying at my mother’s house with my annoying brothers. Since I’m staying here, I usually do the cooking and help do some chores too. That’s really fine with me because I and my kid get to stay here temporarily for free.

What really set me off is the attitude that my brothers are giving me. I don’t like to be treated as a nanny, I’m their sister and I’d like to be treated with respect. If I need help on something or to kindly babysit my kid for a while would be a good way to return the favor. I don’t want them raising a tone on their voice when I’m asking them for something. I hate kids today! Whatever happened to family spirit? A family should help each other, not giving each other headaches. Maybe this is the result of the media; television, internet, radios. I don’t even get what’s the essence of the cartoons they’re showing today, their funny but it’s inappropriate and confusing. I should be scared for my own child. The attitudes of kids today are very upsetting. Despite the moral values that you’re teaching, they are easily broken by media.

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