March 28, 2013

The Healing Power Of The Hands

I’m always tense because of work. Though I perform well, my boss and I don’t see each other eye to eye and this contributes to my stress. I used to take a pill to calm my nerves and I know it will not do me any good in the long run so I sought an advice from the expert. My doctor told me to play Hand Drums because this will help me relax. At first I was a skeptic, how can playing this instrument help me?

However, I still gave it a shot and soon noticed several changes in my attitude. Whenever I play it at night, I felt better in the morning. This allowed me to cope better in the office. I’m no longer scared of my boss; instead I mind my own business, learn from the constructive criticism and do not let the gossip affect me. I learned that it’s because of the rhythm of the drum; it organizes my brainwaves and relaxes me in a way. I’m a totally changed person because of it.

March 23, 2013

Bad Morning

Ever woke up in the wrong side of the bed? That’s what I feel today. I’m staying at my mother’s house with my annoying brothers. Since I’m staying here, I usually do the cooking and help do some chores too. That’s really fine with me because I and my kid get to stay here temporarily for free.

What really set me off is the attitude that my brothers are giving me. I don’t like to be treated as a nanny, I’m their sister and I’d like to be treated with respect. If I need help on something or to kindly babysit my kid for a while would be a good way to return the favor. I don’t want them raising a tone on their voice when I’m asking them for something. I hate kids today! Whatever happened to family spirit? A family should help each other, not giving each other headaches. Maybe this is the result of the media; television, internet, radios. I don’t even get what’s the essence of the cartoons they’re showing today, their funny but it’s inappropriate and confusing. I should be scared for my own child. The attitudes of kids today are very upsetting. Despite the moral values that you’re teaching, they are easily broken by media.

March 16, 2013

New SARS-like cases in Saudi Arabia

There have been recent cases of a virus similar to SARS found in Saudi Arabia were two people have died by it. And there are 6 similar cases found in Qatar. Reuters stated that a man from Qatar got the disease when he visited Saudi and likely spread the virus when he got back from the country. It has been reported to the World health Organization that the disease is caused by a corona virus; it has similarities with SARS which have killed thousands of people worldwide.

The virus emerging right now might be the second strain of SARS and it is really frightening to think that the incident last 2002 might be repeating again. But there are reports that some infected people recovered from the disease. This virus has flu-like symptoms which include coughing, sneezing and fever. This is spread through airborne and transmitted through droplet infection or close contact. I hope that health experts may come up of a vaccine soon enough or else history will repeat itself.

A Booster For More Efficient Air System

Looking for air boosters that will give you the air pressure that you need in your system? The most important thing about them is that what you get in is what you get out. In this case you should look for the boosters which are oil free. If you have ever used compressed air then you should know the advantages of using this kind of air. Compressed air is considered to be more safe, convenient and labor saving. These advantages are enough to account for the high cost of compressed air.

Due to these high costs of compressed air many industries have been avoiding it but this should no longer bother you any more as boosters can help you in this. They are not very expensive and the good thing is how they function. You can find these important machines in many stalls, manufacturing industries and also online. You can easily order your own by just login in to their website and following the instructions.

My Friend’s Baby Has VSD

A friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl last month, she did not post any pictures of her newborn on Facebook so I was quite surprise, she didn’t even updated her profile. I couldn’t reach her phone either. I message her to know about how well she is and her baby, still, no answer. So I thought maybe she needs space, or maybe she’s having postpartum depression. Not until today that she posted a picture of her and her baby and then everyone is congratulating her.

I learned from the comments that her baby is suffering from Ventricular septal defect (VSD), this usually occurs in newborns. VSD is a hole in the ventricles, the lower chamber of the heart. In VSD the blood being passed through the chambers is mixed because of the hole, this will give the heart too much work to do and will later result to heart failure, not only that, since there is a problem with the flow of oxygenated and un-oxygenated blood, the body receives less oxygen from the blood and can lead to cyanosis. The defect should be surgically corrected to improve the baby’s condition.

I’m glad to know that her baby is the 1st priority in surgery. I’m still hoping that the baby is strong enough to undergo operation. My friend has been praying for her baby and I hope that she can watch her grow up.

March 9, 2013

Politics, Religion And The People

People really can’t help mixing politics with religion, and so is the other way around. Why is it so important that they have to co-exist? Maybe because religion has strong influence on the people allegiances but there are also complexities that one cannot deny.

The impact of religion in politics also has the downside to it. The laws that the government makes are influenced by our religious faith. It is also the basis on how humane or moral the laws that we make are. In the Philippines and other countries, religion plays a great role in our society. Politician’s moralities are questioned once their actions are different from teachings of the church. The priests and other religious people may preach on it during the mass, explaining how our leaders take a different path to what is God is teaching us, we should not follow them and they should not lead a country. But what the church should try understanding is that, to be able to lead a country one must weigh between what matter most, and what is for the greater good. I believe in God but I also believe in the greater good.

March 6, 2013

Delafield petroleum drop hose

The oil and gas industry represent a huge industry. People who work in this domain should know how to use delafied petroleum drop house. I am sure that the people working in this industry knows how to pick good quality products because they are experienced enough to know. Having a hose in a house really can make things easier for the owners. That is also the case of Delafield petroleum drop hose.

When it comes to this you can choose between an unbraided, single braid, double braid or triple braid. The materials used are bronze and monel. The hose construction has to conform to ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, boiler and pressure vessel code. It can be used for high temperatures- up to 1500°F. Flexible metal hose assemblies is certified to European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Pressure is up to 5,000 PSI. Delafield petroleum drop hose can be used for turbines, solar fields, alternative fuels, green technologies.

A Fun Winter Craft For Toddlers

Winter is a great season to be a child, but sometimes mommy and daddy have to decide that it’s too cold to go outside. What kind of fun crafts can children do with winter themes, allowing them to enjoy the snow and forget that they’re not actually outside in it? There are actually many, all of which are fun and safe at the same time.

A particularly simple but fun activity for winter play inside days is creating winter mittens out of paper and the outline of their own hand. This activity is not just appropriate for older children, but also for toddlers who always seem to have a blast using their imaginations to create stylish winter mittens in as many colors as there are crayons, colored pencils, water colors and sparkly dust to decorate them with.

March 2, 2013

Selecting The Correct Cigar Lighter

The cigar lighters come in different styles and sizes. There are a lot of brands available in the market, so this can be very difficult for the consumer to choose the correct one. Sometimes you will buy this lighter because you will give it as a gift to other people, and not necessarily for your own use. In order to ensure the receiver of the gift will be satisfied with your choice, you need to know how to get the right one.

Torch lighters containing jet flames are the most preferred type by smokers of cigars. You can also opt for a double jet flame because this will make it easier for a person to light the cigar. Also, different lighters have different feature so research first before purchasing one. Consider the style of the smoker when buying a particular design. You don’t want him to be ashamed when using this gift of yours so think hard about it.

Facebook Status And “Like” Arrest Case In India

“With all respect, every day, thousands of people die, but still the world moves on. Just due to one politician died a natural death, everyone just goes bonkers. They should know, we are resilient by force, not by choice. When was the last time, did anyone showed some respect or even a two-minute silence for Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Azad, Sukhdev or any of the people because of whom we are free-living Indians? Respect is earned, given, and definitely not forced. Today, Mumbai shuts down due to fear, not due to respect.” These are the words that Shaheen Dhada put as a status update in Facebook. And her friend Renu Srinivasan “liked” the status. And because of this they got arrested under section 505(2) of the Indian Penal Code and section 66A of the of the Information technology act. Basically these laws states that one should not use the internet for demeaning a character or promote violence and hatred.

I think that the arrest was absurd. The college student was just stating her opinion. I thought that India was a democratic country? Well, this clearly violates the freedom of expression. Come one! It’s as if the student is inciting a rebellion? “Respect is earned and not forced”, I really believe in this. Arresting these students because of an honest opinion makes the government of India defensive and dictatorial in a sense.

The Right Type Of Guitar

People who are not well-versed with guitars usually do not know about the steel guitar. This is also known as the Hawaiian guitar because it was developed there somewhere between the 19th or 20th century. To play it properly, you need to place it in a horizontal position. One hand is used to pluck the string, while the other can change the pitch using a slide that is typically made of metal or glass.

Like any other guitar, this type has different designs, styles, and shapes. It is a very common instrument played for blues or even country music. Nowadays, it is incorporated to pop or even rock music. This guitar can sometimes be played in the lap, but manufacturers tried to innovate it by releasing different stands to help the player. A lot of accessories are also available, so don’t be afraid when the string gets broken because you can easily buy one.

Get Your First Mellophone

The ensemble’s sound will never be complete without a classic mellophone. The pitch is distinct, and it makes for the perfect musical instrument. When buying one, make sure you get the correct mellophone according to your skill level. There is one available for beginners, immediate levels, and even professionals. Do not attempt to get one that is out of your league, especially if you are a beginner because you will have a hard time learning it that way.

Next, there are a lot of brands available in the market so check different forums first to learn what the best one there is. Remember that the sound of a good mellophone also depends largely on its quality, so getting this instrument from a reputable manufacturer, retailer or dealer will do the trick. Finally, there are a lot of accessories for the mellophone. Get a stylish case or bag that will be able to protect your musical instrument.