February 7, 2013

Surprise Wedding

Zoren Legazpi and Carmina Villaroel, both celebrities in the Philippines tied the knot last week, but here’s the catch the wedding was a surprise. Zoren and his accomplices brought Carmina into tears when he proposed to her, at first she was confused because she thought it’s just going to be a photo shoot where she wears a wedding gown. Then their kids came strutting and dancing demanding that their parents should be married tonight and so they did. The whole set up was carefully planned, and it came out wonderful and romantic.

I was all in tears watching how Carmina had all those tears of joy. I really felt in her that she really wanted to be wed and she could not ask for more than what Zoren did to her. They have been a live-in partner for 12 years and I guess now that they are married; this will be the beginning of the new chapter in their lives. Hopefully the spark of their love will flame their life’s journey as a married couple. It’s so romantic and I love Zoren’s gesture. If that would happen to me, I would be all in tears too but I prefer to be included when it comes to planning my wedding.

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