February 13, 2013

Pets: Do I Hate Them Or Love Them?

I’m really not into pets because I don’t the responsibilities. I have had a lot of pets, but sadly none of them really lived very long except for our pet dog “Pochi” he’s a Japanese spitz. I like dogs, small dogs actually. I never tried big dogs before, but I would like to have a Golden Retriever. I don’t like feisty dogs like the Doberman and Pit bulls. I got bitten by a dog when I was a kid so I don’t like dogs that scare me, I prefer small dogs kind of like the cute and fluffy ones, so that I can easily restrain them just in case.

I also had a pet cat when I was a kid. My brother and I adopt him because he was so thin and small. We get to keep him until he grew up but I can’t seem to remember what happened to him, I think he got left when we transferred. I also had a pet rabbit named “Snowball” but he died, nope, he was killed by a cat. So now I hate cats because I love that rabbit and he was so adorable but the cat just went into our house, found and attacked him. The rabbit was adorable but he poops everywhere, and he likes eating hair! It’s not even grass! I love pets but I guess I get tired of them easily. I’m sticking with my dog now, because he constantly annoys me.

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