February 1, 2013

Kristen Stewart’s Style In The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premier

I got to say, K-stew was not the best when it comes to dressing in premiers. Her dresses were not that elegant and fashionable and sometimes they’re even the worst. When I see her during interviews and red carpet premiers, I can’t help but raise an eye brow. And then all kinds of profanities would just involuntarily come out of my mouth. But there’s just something in the way she carries herself makes me want to follow her every moves. I just hate the awkward look on her face and the stutters when she’s being interviewed. What I hate the most is the sneakers. Every time I see her put a sneakers on to match her dress, it makes me want to scream. It’s just over the top.

When I found out about the breaking dawn premier, I got curious about how she would look. I prayed that she would forget to wear her sneakers on the premier. Thank God, she did because my jaws literally dropped; she was very beautiful and elegant in her gold Zuhair Murad strapless gown. Indeed very sexy and her aura is a breath of fresh air. She’s more relaxed, I just hope that she can keep up with this look because it suits her very well.

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