February 23, 2013

Go Herbal For Your Cough

My mother used to give this medicine to us when we were kids. This is an herbal medicine that helps when you have a cough or asthma or other respiratory problems, it is also relieves rheumatism, dyspepsia and boils. Back in the days the medicine was really cheap and there’s only one store where she buys it. Today, you can buy it from any pharmacies in the Philippines.

This medicine I called Lagundi, it’s scientific name is Vitex negundo. Lagundi is grown in the Philippines. It’s leaves, roots and seeds are used medicinally. They are washed and boiled like tea. These is how the Filipino folks used Lagundi long ago but today they now commercially produced in a form of capsuled, tablets and syrups. The Department of Health have found the medicinal value of the plant and promoted the use of herbal plant products such as Lagundi. I am still using Lagundi whenever I’m coughing. I also give this to my child. It’s herbal and there has been no side effects reported about the herbal medicine. It’s affordable and effective.

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