February 10, 2013

Anne Sings In Les Miserable The Movie

We were in a movie house when I saw the trailer of Les Miserable. Anne Hathaway was singing “I dream ed a dream” a song that I heard in Miss Saigon where our fellow Filipino Lea Salonga sung the song. When I heard Anne sang it, I was really amazed by that it gave me goose bumps. Lea’s version has the sweet tone to it, Anne’s version was kind of shaky, but it was all good. Her expressions are so pitiful and you could really feel the pain in her voice that she’s dreaming to be something better but still can’t reach it.

The 1:38 minute clip trailer of her singing gave a great impact to me. From I what I saw, I think her performance in the movie is going to be superb. Her singing and acting just blew me away. I’m looking forward to seeing this movie soon. It’ll be this Christmas; I get to see the French revolution.

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