January 4, 2013

What is this “Amalayer”?

A viral video has been posted in YouTube. The video was about an incident in the local railway transit in the Philippines wherein a young woman made a scene and practically yelling on the lady guard. Paula Salvosa gained critics among the netizens. “Amalayer” and “LRT” had become a trending topic in Facebook and Twitter. “So you're telling me I'm a liar? I'm a liar? I'm a liar? Answer me!” these are Paula’s words that became popular. I’m a liar which she pronounced as amalayer was then spread in the social networking sites. Other people got curious about the “amalayer” word which made it even more popular.

People commented about how Paula handled the scene, and how she stressed that she’s an educated person, but I guess the video suggests she’s not. Many Filipinos were disappointed after seeing the video. Being educated should make you humble and act in a rational way. She could have talk to the lady guard gently but firmly. Acting high and making others feel less of a person does not make you win the battle. It will only gain you more enemies.

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