January 17, 2013

Too Busy To Be Happy

People are too busy these days, too busy to laugh, too busy to love, too busy to understand, think, appreciate and thank. Even I was too busy to realize what’s important to me, too busy to appreciate my husband, too busy to give my family my affection. Why do people come to that point? That we become hectic, that we become more aware of the problems. We ask for more in life rather than appreciating what we already have.

Some people just can’t get enough or are never really contented. Maybe because it’s the nature of man to want more, to be better than what we are now. As we grow older we want to be competitive, that is what we do socially, to compete with others to gain more in the future so that the next generation can benefit it. Others compete because of greed, whatever the reason, it all sum up to wanting more. It can be pathetic to later realize what is really important, that wants and needs are different that contentment is the key to happiness.

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