January 29, 2013

Lines That Woman Say Or Do That Confuses Men

Women are unpredictable, they are mostly fickle minded and I got to tell you that they are a specie that is like no other which brings men to confusion. Men do things that annoy women. There are things that women say that men fails to understand or he’s just plain insensitive.

If a woman utter these words “I’m okay” it means she is really not okay and you need to console her immediately. Another would be “I’m not mad”, this is a lie, she is furious with you; if she’s not, then she would not say it, how can she come up with the word mad? It’s because she is. If she says “I’m not jealous” it’s clearly the opposite, women’s feelings are vulnerable they get jealous easily. When she says she’s not jealous, make it up to her by reassuring her that she’s the only one for you. Date her, make love to her. Now if a woman shows “silence”, not saying a word at all, you better reflect on what you did because this silence may turn into bomb that you cannot defuse. Be aware that these lines that women say to you are signs of an impending fight. To the men, you know what to do.

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