January 1, 2013

I Pray For Hope And Strength For The Typhoon Victims

Typhoon Pablo left Davao Oriental, a province in the Philippines damaged with almost 10 billion pesos from agriculture and infrastructure. There are hundreds of lives taken away, and hundreds are still missing. I couldn’t bear see the news about the people who lost their homes and their love ones. The towns in the province are difficult to pass through because of the big bolder and clumped trees. The government is giving off their donations and other non-government organizations are also helping the typhoon victims gathering donations from concerned people.

I’ve also met a victim of the typhoon when my mother-in-law and I were buying a Christmas tree, and they were buying mats, and kitchen utensils, they said that they don’t have anything left of their home because it’s all covered in mud so they are forced to abandon their house and find a cheap place to rent. She said we are lucky to be spending Christmas in our cozy home with a Christmas. It was depressing to hear those words from her and it left me speechless. I feel fortunate that our city was not harmed, that we are lucky enough to have our lives spared but wretched for the people who lost their homes and their love ones. It cross my mind that when we go home and happily set up a Christmas a tree, the victims would be in their evacuation centers; cold, hungry and weeping for their lost. I just gave her my words of encouragement. I didn’t pity her, because nothing will come out with pity because what they truly need now is hope, that the sun will rise again tomorrow and the strength to carry on.

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