January 20, 2013

Home-Made Hair Treatments

My Mom was devastated about what happened to her hair. She got a perm and now she’s complaining about how dry her hair was. I got annoyed about her complains so what I did I convinced her to get a hair treatment. She doesn’t want to go to a salon because the scent of the chemicals makes her eyes red, then I got the idea of getting a homemade treatment.

The ingredients are so economical and most are just found in your backyard. We tried mixing coconut milk, aloe, and lemon extra. Let the ingredients boil until the oil from the coconut milk comes out. Let it cool first before applying it to your scalp and hair, it is better to massage the scalp so it can absorb better. When you’re done, cover it with a head cap and leave it there for 30 minutes. Rinse it and shampoo your hair to remove the oil.

No doubt after doing that for 3 days my mother’s hair became soft, sleek and bouncy. No need to go to the salon. Natural and homemade is the way to do it.

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