January 24, 2013

Earth Fears Its Asteroid Passerby

This news about an asteroid flying near Earth went trending this week. The asteroid is called Toutatis. It has been said that this asteroid usually pass by Earth every four years. The astronomers are closely watching it because this 3-mile wide asteroid has come too close to our planet around 3.7 million miles.

Wow, another asteroid is near Earth and it’s a huge one. I kept thinking maybe this is going to be the end of the world. According to people who interpret the Mayan calendar, this month comes apocalypse. With the said rumors and the asteroid coming we can say that it can be possible but I still hope it will not. A lot of things had happened this year and this asteroid passing Earth adds fear and excitement to how the year would end. Oh please asteroid, just pass our dear planet and we’ll just wave and greet you “hello” and “goodbye”.

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