January 7, 2013

Clean Your Garbage Please

I was walking along our subdivision with my husband and daughter when we notice the stacks of garbage being thrown in the middle of a grassy area and the dogs are scattering it all looking for something to eat, it left the place messy and there are flies everywhere. I couldn’t help but be angry about what I saw. This is not a dumpsite but a subdivision and it has a proper place for garbage to be thrown and collected.

I hate these kinds of people, just throwing their rubbishes everywhere not caring about what it will do to the environment. All they could think about is keeping their trash out of their houses but they don’t know how harmful the results will be. This is why Mother Nature is getting back at us. We should be the stewards of nature, this is a beautiful gift to us, but we are not caring for it, that is why we are experiencing all these calamities; typhoons, floods, earthquake, drought. These can be plagues that will wipe us out because of our mindless doings. Maybe it’s time that we stop abusing nature. Let us care, clean and preserve the environment.

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