January 14, 2013

Are you in a Friend Zone?

“It’s hard to admit that you're falling for a friend, who treats you only as a friend, But it’s harder to figure out, when you treat each other so special, yet you stay friends” these are the words that my Facebook friend posted as her status message and I couldn’t help but “liked” it. Yes, why is it even like that? Sometimes you can’t help but wonder why do you treat each other special? What kind of friendship do you have, what is the real score between the two of you?

Sometimes you fail to ask that person how he feels and just settle to remain silent and continue with the friendship because of fear. Fear of knowing the truth, fear that your beautiful friendship might lose it warmth. You make do with this friendship, but that person you are going to hurt is you yourself but you must know that the longer you choose to deny how you feel the more pain it’s going to cost you. If this was my case, I would make him fall in love with me. Instead of being straightforward I’ll let my actions speak louder than words and maybe it’ll turn out to something else.

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