January 29, 2013

Lines That Woman Say Or Do That Confuses Men

Women are unpredictable, they are mostly fickle minded and I got to tell you that they are a specie that is like no other which brings men to confusion. Men do things that annoy women. There are things that women say that men fails to understand or he’s just plain insensitive.

If a woman utter these words “I’m okay” it means she is really not okay and you need to console her immediately. Another would be “I’m not mad”, this is a lie, she is furious with you; if she’s not, then she would not say it, how can she come up with the word mad? It’s because she is. If she says “I’m not jealous” it’s clearly the opposite, women’s feelings are vulnerable they get jealous easily. When she says she’s not jealous, make it up to her by reassuring her that she’s the only one for you. Date her, make love to her. Now if a woman shows “silence”, not saying a word at all, you better reflect on what you did because this silence may turn into bomb that you cannot defuse. Be aware that these lines that women say to you are signs of an impending fight. To the men, you know what to do.

January 24, 2013

Earth Fears Its Asteroid Passerby

This news about an asteroid flying near Earth went trending this week. The asteroid is called Toutatis. It has been said that this asteroid usually pass by Earth every four years. The astronomers are closely watching it because this 3-mile wide asteroid has come too close to our planet around 3.7 million miles.

Wow, another asteroid is near Earth and it’s a huge one. I kept thinking maybe this is going to be the end of the world. According to people who interpret the Mayan calendar, this month comes apocalypse. With the said rumors and the asteroid coming we can say that it can be possible but I still hope it will not. A lot of things had happened this year and this asteroid passing Earth adds fear and excitement to how the year would end. Oh please asteroid, just pass our dear planet and we’ll just wave and greet you “hello” and “goodbye”.

January 20, 2013

Home-Made Hair Treatments

My Mom was devastated about what happened to her hair. She got a perm and now she’s complaining about how dry her hair was. I got annoyed about her complains so what I did I convinced her to get a hair treatment. She doesn’t want to go to a salon because the scent of the chemicals makes her eyes red, then I got the idea of getting a homemade treatment.

The ingredients are so economical and most are just found in your backyard. We tried mixing coconut milk, aloe, and lemon extra. Let the ingredients boil until the oil from the coconut milk comes out. Let it cool first before applying it to your scalp and hair, it is better to massage the scalp so it can absorb better. When you’re done, cover it with a head cap and leave it there for 30 minutes. Rinse it and shampoo your hair to remove the oil.

No doubt after doing that for 3 days my mother’s hair became soft, sleek and bouncy. No need to go to the salon. Natural and homemade is the way to do it.

January 17, 2013

Too Busy To Be Happy

People are too busy these days, too busy to laugh, too busy to love, too busy to understand, think, appreciate and thank. Even I was too busy to realize what’s important to me, too busy to appreciate my husband, too busy to give my family my affection. Why do people come to that point? That we become hectic, that we become more aware of the problems. We ask for more in life rather than appreciating what we already have.

Some people just can’t get enough or are never really contented. Maybe because it’s the nature of man to want more, to be better than what we are now. As we grow older we want to be competitive, that is what we do socially, to compete with others to gain more in the future so that the next generation can benefit it. Others compete because of greed, whatever the reason, it all sum up to wanting more. It can be pathetic to later realize what is really important, that wants and needs are different that contentment is the key to happiness.

January 14, 2013

Are you in a Friend Zone?

“It’s hard to admit that you're falling for a friend, who treats you only as a friend, But it’s harder to figure out, when you treat each other so special, yet you stay friends” these are the words that my Facebook friend posted as her status message and I couldn’t help but “liked” it. Yes, why is it even like that? Sometimes you can’t help but wonder why do you treat each other special? What kind of friendship do you have, what is the real score between the two of you?

Sometimes you fail to ask that person how he feels and just settle to remain silent and continue with the friendship because of fear. Fear of knowing the truth, fear that your beautiful friendship might lose it warmth. You make do with this friendship, but that person you are going to hurt is you yourself but you must know that the longer you choose to deny how you feel the more pain it’s going to cost you. If this was my case, I would make him fall in love with me. Instead of being straightforward I’ll let my actions speak louder than words and maybe it’ll turn out to something else.

January 7, 2013

Clean Your Garbage Please

I was walking along our subdivision with my husband and daughter when we notice the stacks of garbage being thrown in the middle of a grassy area and the dogs are scattering it all looking for something to eat, it left the place messy and there are flies everywhere. I couldn’t help but be angry about what I saw. This is not a dumpsite but a subdivision and it has a proper place for garbage to be thrown and collected.

I hate these kinds of people, just throwing their rubbishes everywhere not caring about what it will do to the environment. All they could think about is keeping their trash out of their houses but they don’t know how harmful the results will be. This is why Mother Nature is getting back at us. We should be the stewards of nature, this is a beautiful gift to us, but we are not caring for it, that is why we are experiencing all these calamities; typhoons, floods, earthquake, drought. These can be plagues that will wipe us out because of our mindless doings. Maybe it’s time that we stop abusing nature. Let us care, clean and preserve the environment.

January 4, 2013

What is this “Amalayer”?

A viral video has been posted in YouTube. The video was about an incident in the local railway transit in the Philippines wherein a young woman made a scene and practically yelling on the lady guard. Paula Salvosa gained critics among the netizens. “Amalayer” and “LRT” had become a trending topic in Facebook and Twitter. “So you're telling me I'm a liar? I'm a liar? I'm a liar? Answer me!” these are Paula’s words that became popular. I’m a liar which she pronounced as amalayer was then spread in the social networking sites. Other people got curious about the “amalayer” word which made it even more popular.

People commented about how Paula handled the scene, and how she stressed that she’s an educated person, but I guess the video suggests she’s not. Many Filipinos were disappointed after seeing the video. Being educated should make you humble and act in a rational way. She could have talk to the lady guard gently but firmly. Acting high and making others feel less of a person does not make you win the battle. It will only gain you more enemies.

January 1, 2013

I Pray For Hope And Strength For The Typhoon Victims

Typhoon Pablo left Davao Oriental, a province in the Philippines damaged with almost 10 billion pesos from agriculture and infrastructure. There are hundreds of lives taken away, and hundreds are still missing. I couldn’t bear see the news about the people who lost their homes and their love ones. The towns in the province are difficult to pass through because of the big bolder and clumped trees. The government is giving off their donations and other non-government organizations are also helping the typhoon victims gathering donations from concerned people.

I’ve also met a victim of the typhoon when my mother-in-law and I were buying a Christmas tree, and they were buying mats, and kitchen utensils, they said that they don’t have anything left of their home because it’s all covered in mud so they are forced to abandon their house and find a cheap place to rent. She said we are lucky to be spending Christmas in our cozy home with a Christmas. It was depressing to hear those words from her and it left me speechless. I feel fortunate that our city was not harmed, that we are lucky enough to have our lives spared but wretched for the people who lost their homes and their love ones. It cross my mind that when we go home and happily set up a Christmas a tree, the victims would be in their evacuation centers; cold, hungry and weeping for their lost. I just gave her my words of encouragement. I didn’t pity her, because nothing will come out with pity because what they truly need now is hope, that the sun will rise again tomorrow and the strength to carry on.