December 22, 2013

Korean Drama Review: To the Beautiful You

I don’t know why most Korean drama involves cross dressing, but for some reason I find it very entertaining. I like Sungkyungkwan scandal and He’s Beautiful and the latest series that I just watched is “To the beautiful you.” The genre is romantic comedy; the story is about a girl named Goo Jae Hee who grew up in America. She went to Korea and enrolled in an all-boys school, pretended to be a boy just so she can fulfill her fan dream of seeing her favorite athlete Kang Tae Joon return to high jumping again. The series is based on the Japanese manga Hanazakai no Kimitachi e. I haven’t seen the Taiwanese and Japanese adaptation yet but because I’m such a fan of K-dramas I chose watching To the beautiful you instead.

I didn’t quite actually like how the drama started, I feel a bit bored or maybe because Jae hee is so giddy over Kang Tae Joon during their first meeting but it turned out to be funny and likable as the story builds up. I love Cha Eun Gyol’s character here; he’s the love rival of Kang Tae Joon. He has a warm and happy character and he’s so funny especially when he’s confused about his feelings over Jae hee. Kang Tae Joon’s character here is serious, I didn’t really enjoy his character but I love how he looks after Jae Hee, I thought it’s sweet. If you ask me about the heroine , I don’t like how she’s obsessed, I really don’t get the idea of going all the way to Korea just to encourage your favorite athlete. I know she means well and I’m glad that it turned out to be great. What really stole the show for me was the dog named “Sanchu”. I love the dog, he’s so white and cuddly, and I want him as my pillow!

If you want to watch a romantic feel good drama, I would recommend this. It will make you laugh at stupidest things they do and also make you feel giddy and squeal in their love triangle.

A Good Day

Today has been a very productive day. I was able to finish all my chores, I did some advanced work at the office, and I was also able to do some shopping for my little sibs. I bought a drum case at Musicians Friend for my brother who’s a band drummer, a suitcase for my sister who’s a flight stewardess, and some other random gifts to give to everyone this Christmas.

Once I arrived home, I still had some time left to prepare a delicious dinner for my husband and kids. I feel like I have all the time in the world today. This rarely ever happens because I’m usually swamped with work and family matters. I just hope that tomorrow, my day will be as good.

December 14, 2013

Drivers prefer my figure

On the daily basis, I ride a jeep back and forth in able to go to market and buy some freshly vegetables and meat. I would be lucky if the jeepney has a lot of space to move on, but terrible when I jump on in almost full vehicle.

I understand that the plight of the drivers is not a joke and they strive hard to get better earning each day they drive. On the commuters’ side, slow moving jeepney makes their planned schedule very late indeed, especially for the working person and the students. Most of the jeepney in my area never moves an inch unless he sees that he can drive with enough passengers. I’m so petite that my size is the favorite of the drivers for I can be filled in even with a small space. I blame having that practice for not having an ideal hip. The more me-size the vehicle could carry, the merrier the drivers will be.

Need Administrative Help? Lawyer Up

Government regulations can be very tricky. What you know today may not be true tomorrow. In a blink of an eye it can change without prior notice, and this can leave you and your business in a very bad state. Sometimes, you will not be permitted to continue your operations, and in this cases you need to lawyer up.

Getting the help of administrative lawyers does not mean that you are going to battle the government, it just a good way to seek advice on how you can proceed with your company the right way, and according to the law. Administrative attorneys can also help you if you feel that you are treated unjustly, so if there is any problem, seek assistance right away.

An Expert Financial Review

Being a business owner is not without its own setbacks. Sure I love my business, not to mention it is nice to be my own boss. However, dealing with the financial aspect of the whole thing is a nightmare. I have to make sure that everything is not unaccounted for, and the employees are being honest when it comes to money.

Another problem is the tax. I can never seem to pass it on time on my own. That is the main reason why I sought the help of CE Thorn CPA, to make everything as easy as possible. He reviews my financial data and tells me if everything is up to speed and one hundred percent alright. I do the business aspect, and it is his job to handle my money matters.

Why Loving The Annoying Orange?

Typically, people do love someone who projects right attitude and respect toward the other people. If you are like me who can figure out the trending happenings in the web the faster way, you won’t miss out knowing the tangerine colored talking orange. This thing is widely known as the Annoying Orange.

The creator of the short film is a very wealthy man today for having many subscribers and views in their YouTube Channel. As its name implies, the character depicts anyone who joins in his company. He will try to do his best just to accomplish his everyday goal: to annoy. If you have known him too, why do you think more and more people tend to love him? That this means that awful people’s population grows excessively. I am against mean and rude people, but watching annoying orange’s videos gave me a full entertainment and I am even on his side.

A Guitar In The Making

I learned how to play the guitar at the early age of 10. Back then, I used to see my father playing his guitar, and that made me interested enough to learn. I would borrow his guitar when not in use, and try to carry out a tune until I became accustomed to the instrument, and learned to read the notes.

I never had a guitar of my own, even as I grew older. I was contented to borrow my dad’s instrument, not because I did not have money to buy one, but because I always find fault in the guitars I see on music stores. That all changed when I handled the seagull acoustic guitar. It packed a great tune, and was very easy to handle. You can say that it was a guitar in the making.

A Hefty Sidekick For Printing

I work for a startup music production company. My boss asked me to look for the newest technology involving disc printing and labeling since our printer alone cannot print many disc at a time. It is making our production slow, thus it hinders us from releasing anything on time. We all know that our clients will not trust us with a project again if this continues, so I looked for a solution.

As I was browsing the net, I stumbled on a good behringer sm200 at musicians friend. It is a disk caddie product that speeds up the duplication of discs which was just the thing we needed. By using it, our production company became more efficient at what we do.

A Cool Guitar Tune

My dad is a fan of the violin, but never learned how to play one. Instead, he is great with the guitar. That is why when he learned that there is a good acronova sidekick at musicians friend that can recreate the sound of the violin through the guitar, he bought one in a whim.

When it arrived, he immediately hooked up his favorite guitar and played music. To its credit, the behringer does indeed copy the sound of the violin, plus it gives of a cool classic tone. My dad was so thrilled because now he can easily recreate the tune he has always wanted to play. His only regret was the fact that he did not purchase it sooner.

Addiction: Recovery Is Just A Rehab Away

My brother has always been an achiever. That is why we were pretty surprised to find out that he suffered from addiction. He did not do coke and all that hard stuff, but he became addicted to Percocet, a type of pain reliever which he began taking after having a sports accident. The good thing was my brother acknowledged his addiction and wanted to get help.

As a family, we wanted to support him so we looked for percocet rehabilitation center that would treat his condition. At first he was afraid that it would not help at all, but after undergoing the treatment, he became so much better. He told me that he is never going to touch that stuff again.

December 1, 2013

Mom versus Dad

It is a rivalry between parents if the assignment for each parents’ task for their children aren’t defined well. That would be a great chaos. However, there are chores which are better done by fathers rather than mothers.

Per experience, my mother used to be the one who tutors me with my lessons at school. And most of the time, our study time ends up with me, crying and haven’t learned anything. The problem with my mom is that she’s very emotional. She can’t control her anger and her patience runs out easily.

On the other hand, I have a cousin who is tutored by her dad and they do that every night. Amazingly, my cousin does well in school and she has created this love for studying. And I think the logic behind this is because men are more rational and less emotional than women. Fathers don’t get angry easily because they get angry for a reason.

With this task, it is still a battle of the sexes. Though, I don’t generalize the thought that men are better tutors than woman because this is only my view based on the experience that we have in our family.

A Special Trip For The Seniors

At 68 years old, both of my parents are still energetic and adventurous. During their younger years, they have traveled all over the world, and partied like there was no tomorrow. It is no surprise that they still act like the teenagers they once were, more so when they hit their senior years. Since they always tell me that I never spend time with them, I decided to take them on a very special trip. Last month, the three of us went to Vegas. No kids, no wife, just me and my wacky parents. Most of you would not even think of taking your senior parents in that place since it is all about the fast life and excitement, but not me.

Besides, I was confident that my parents would be able to keep up, and they did. Aside from that, we were able to get special deals on the hotels where we stayed at. Apparently, there are discounts for senior travel to las vegas. Some places offer budget prices for old people, and since my parents fit the bill, we were able to save a lot of money. However, even if we paid less, we still got the best rooms, superb service, and the time of our lives. I took my parents to different casinos, had a massage on the hotel spa, and just bonded together. It was indeed a special trip, one that I would remember for years to come. Next year, I am planning on doing it all over again with them.

November 26, 2013

Preppin’ up for Christmas

As the head of the household, it’s my responsibility to make sure every member of my family stays safe—especially this coming winter season. It’s not usually a celebratory time for me because I always end up doing the grunt work such as air-proofing the house, repairing the windows, shoveling snow off the driveway, etc.

This year will be different, however. My son is old enough to be taught how to do simple things such as sticking on high temp adhesive across the basement and attic windows to prevent it from breaking in case of a windstorm. It’s amusing watching him act like a tough grown up when in fact; he’s only nine years old! I do hope everything goes well this season.

November 17, 2013

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I’m a confessed hunger games fan. I really love the book, too bad I come to read it very late. Thumps up for the book, the movie is not that great. Frankly the film ruined my imagination and the whole Peeta and Katniss’ romance.

Hopping from one bookstore to another, I was a bit frustrated because the 2nd book of the series were always out of stock, gladly there’s one store that has it, although the book edition was expensive, I just bought it because my hands are itching to flip those pages.

Frankly I was I bit bored reading the first half of the book. I hated Katniss, what I hate was her confusion about Gale and Peeta. The whole love triangle thing is cute and teens would really dig it since they can pick a favorite guy. Team Peeta and Team Gale! This would remind me of Twilight but in this book you might want to finish reading the whole story before you would really know who Katniss would really choose. The story does not really progress until you get to the 2nd half of the book. I like the new characters that Collins added and once again the ending would really get to you. Because it just leaves you hanging, wondering, and excited to know about the 3rd book in the series.

The Spotlight On The Bar

My father passed away last year, and he left me his bar to take care of. Ever since I can remember, my father’s bar has always been there, and because of the money we got from it, I was able to finish college. Sadly, the bar was in bad shape when it was handed to me, and few customers still go there. I knew that I had to revive it for my dad.

I decided to turn the place into a bar slash performance place. I got this wacky idea to let this artsy group of people take over every Friday night, and under the spotlight, they would perform their song, say their poetry, and do what they do. I had to install a stage, buy led pinspots at musicians friend to make it seem authentic, and get reliable speakers. The good news is my idea worked, and the bar is back in business.

A Friendly Competition Of DJ’s

My best friend and I are always trying to outdo each other. This started in high school, and even today, the competition still lingers. Since we are both DJ’s, the challenge lies in the gigs that we get, our spinning abilities, and the equipment we use. If one of us gets invited to spin at a popular club, the other has to outshine it, lest he wants to lose.

There was this time when my friend was able to buy the MIDI controller that I always wanted. I was happy for him since it was a good piece of equipment, but I also knew that he did it to further ignite our little game. To get back at him, I purchased the akai lpd8 at musicians friend as soon as I got the money. We wanted it both because it works like a gem. Up to this day my friend is trying to find a better controller, but I am confident that there is nothing else out there because I got the best.

What would you do if you won the Lottery?

Ever wonder what if you won a Lottery worth of millions? That would be major, right! My minds often ruminate about winning loads of money so that my financial problems would all be solved in just a blink of an eye. It’s just like having your own Genie, although having a Genie in a bottle is way cooler than winning cash.

If I will be super lucky to win millions, I would donate some of it to the charities: Most of it will be charities that help the children and the environment. The Children is our future and they need a clean environment. I would also invest different in businesses. I prefer fast food or restaurants because I know people like eating wherever they go. Of course I would include traveling the world because it’s really my dream. I would build my dream house and help my family with the money. I’m a lady so I want to have a wardrobe closet with all the clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that I want. Finally I get to be sheik! The remaining should be saved up for my daughter’s future, because I want the best for her.

No Longer Second Best

Our school team has a track record of being the second place in almost all band competition that we join. Honestly, we were tired of it, so this year we decided to liven it up. The members of the band trained tirelessly, and color guards like me had to coordinate and choreograph our moves with precision. This year is our year and we would not accept the thought of being second best again.

To complete the get up, we got exciting color guard uniforms that would make us move freely and captivate the audience. Come competition time, we showed them who is boss. We executed the moves perfectly, and the crowd was mesmerized by our uniforms. We won that day, and now we can proudly say that we are no longer the second fiddle, we are the best.

November 5, 2013

Enjoy Singapore

Singapore is located Southeast part of Asia. It is known as the smallest nation in that part of the continent. It is located on the tip of the Malaysian Peninsula and was once part of the Republic of Malaysia. Small as it is, yet people from all over the world love to visit this place. If you love shopping, you are absolutely in the right place.

Hit the Orchard Road for anything and everything and shop till you drop. For starters, you can head to CK Tangs Department Store, Takashimaya in Ngee Ann City and the Lucky Plaza for purchasing electronics. The clothing stores at VivoCity usually offer great sales almost all of the time. A day of shopping in Singapore is sure a hit! During the night, partygoers head to Zouk, China One and Pump Room to listen to good genre of music and have some drinks. If partying isn’t your type, you can just simply chill out at East Coast Park with friends and tell ghost stories in pre-owned tents.

When in Singapore, be sure to include a Sunday in your itinerary so you can visit the Serangoon Road to witness the visually appealing Little India. Well, just for a tip: Chewing gums are not available locally in Singapore but you can bring your own gum and chew it here.

For Your Eyes Only

I have always admired those people who manage to collect something. For some it can be collecting something as precious as a crystal while there are some who collects simple things like skateboards.

I am not a big fan of skateboards and those who uses it but I must say that it swept me of my feet when I saw this really amazing skateboard display rack. It looks really simple. It’s a rack that is made of wood with glass cover. It was placed on the corner of a big room but it is surely the centerpiece of that area. It held a couple of really cool and expensive skateboards. Of course something as beautiful as that is only meant to be look at and not touched.

October 27, 2013

Get An Insurance, Protect Your Home

Insurance is important nowadays whether for home, health, or even vehicles. That is why the moment Mark sealed the deal and was able to purchase his own house, he immediately asked around for homeowners insurance quotes. His father always told him that he cannot do without insurance. In case of a calamity, or accident inside the house, he would instantly get coverage from the company.

It gave him the peace of mind that he needed. From time to time, Mark encourages his friends to get a home insurance as well, but since they are not as wise as Mark, they continue to decline him and say that nothing bad will happen. Mark is not convinced though, as he knew for a fact that if something indeed happens in the future, without insurance, they will never get their belongings back.

It’s a girl thing

Men don’t get girls; I know that there are things that women do or have, that men don’t understand. We girls are one of a kind. We do things or carry things that can really be irritating to the guys, and we don’t expect them to be understanding about it.

We like wearing heels, but we also carry flats or some flops in our bag just so if our feet get tired, we can just switch them. You might be wondering, why not wear a comfy shoes instead? Well, we girls wear high heels to be sexy and dashing our clothes. It’s not like guys wear high heels.

Here’s another one, the big purses that we carry in our bag. In the Philippines we call it “kikay kit’. There’s a different wallet for our money, we also have a coin purse and a purse for our make-ups, lipsticks, cream, sanitizers, and sanitary pads. The entire girl stuff that we carry and can’t live without. We like to look pretty always, so excuse us if we put on a little lipstick, blush and some body mist or perfume just to ran an errand or go to a store. We like to change clothes more often, this depends on our mood or if we think that we had sweat a lot on our previous clothes. I don’t expect men to be like that, well most men I think. Again this is just a girl thing and you can’t do anything about it.

Friendship Through The Ages

My classmates and I have known each other since kindergarten. Most of us went to the same middle school, and now, high school. You can imagine that we are pretty tight and view each other as siblings instead of ordinary acquaintances. Since we are in our senior year, in a few months we will go our separate ways in college.

Some will move to other countries, while most of us will be scattered through different cities. One thing is for sure, though we will see each other less, the friendship will definitely remain. We bought class rings from as a token of our years together, and someday, when we look at that ring, we will remember everything that transpired on our youth.

A Classic Timepiece For The Modern Couple

My husband and I cannot live without a watch. Compared to other people, we are not satisfied on checking the time on our Smart phones, tablets, or other gadgets. No, we prefer to do that on a classic timepiece. In fact, we invest on them. Every once in a while, we search on internet shops and stores on the mall for a great watch we can own.

Last Christmas, my husband gave me one of the bulova brand watches. Since he knew how much I love the classic style, it was simply a perfect gift. Aside from that, it is durable enough to last me a lifetime, so the money he spent on it was indeed a good form of investment. As time is of the essence, we will continue to treasure our watches.

October 18, 2013

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Craze

Everyone is fuzzing about the Breaking dawn Part 2 movie, at last the final franchise of the Twilight Saga is right here. People are tweeting about it and half of my Facebook friends are talking about it, Posting how good it was, that Bella’s a bass ass. Everyone is talking about it and everyone has seen it except me. Yes, me! I really wanted to see it not because I’m a crazy fan, but so that I can compare the movie from the book and just so I can critic how well the actors had portrayed the characters in the last installment.

I have read the book series, frankly I enjoyed reading them but I think I would not be reading them again. Seeing the first movie of the series made me so excited but then again after seeing the other movie follow ups, all the hype was gone maybe because it got very dragging and uncool. This is the last movie of the Twilight series and since I watched all the series, I might as well finish it at least. I should bid my farewell to the sparkling vampire and werewolves in steroids.

Living in the Fast Lane

Connecting with the outside world nowadays is as easy as breathing. With the internet and all the different gadgets that are easily bought from almost every corner of the city, every person now has the power to access everything he needs with just a simple flick of the hand. If you need to talk to someone from the other side of the globe, no problem! Just find a WiFi spot and use apps that offer Free Call services—you’re good to go!

Even looking for restaurants and cool places to hangout in can be done with the help of smartphones; apps such as Google Places can be very helpful in this matter. You can even search for estate properties with the help of goconnect real estate checklist and other popular search engines! Everything is definitely within everybody’s reach nowadays—life is getting more and more convenient, thanks to the wonders of technology!

My Restless Tommy

My husband, Tommy, recently retired from his work of 40 years. He’s still getting used to life without work—he can be very restless at home! Wherever he goes and whatever he touches, he’ll surely find something wrong with it and will start ‘fixing’ it. The thing is, Tommy has never been a handyman. In more than sixty years of marriage, only once have I seen him work on something in the house—and he failed miserably at it. Since then, we always hire repairmen and mechanics to do all the fixing around the house.

One unfortunate day, he found something down at our basement that (surprise, surprise!) ‘needed fixing’. I didn’t even know what it’s used for—he kept telling me it’s an engine or something for something or other. Anyway, I let him tinker away and after about thirty minutes, I heard a loud yell from the basement. One of his tools accidentally slipped from his grip and hit him on his mouth! His lower lip had a huge gash—there was blood all over his shirt! We rushed him to the ER right away. That was the last day I saw him ‘fixing’ something that wasn’t broken or useful to us anymore.

Pinoy Astronaut

Axe Apollo Space Academy (AASA), will select qualified two Filipinos out of 10,000 applicants in and the candidate will undergo training at theAxe Apollo Global Space Camp in Orlando, Florida.

This is big news for the Philippines because this is truly a first for us, to be able to travel outer space and see amazing things that no Filipino has ever seen before; the life beyond Earth. Just thinking about it makes my heart sings. I really like star gazing; sometimes I’m tempted to apply as a candidate even though I know I am not qualified. You have to be physically and emotionally fit to join. You can’t just join because you wanted to; it takes a strong body to withstand space, but it’s really fascinating to be able to see the stars and planets up close. I know it will me far more different than what it looks like when you’re just staring at the distant skies. It is definitely an incredible experience.

Raise Your Voice

I’ve been going to a music camps for almost three summers. I love how almost all of the new kids I meet at the camp are all music enthusiasts (although some were just forced by their parents to attend). I’ve learned a lot about life and my passion for music in the three summers I spent as a camper. However, there are still some kinks that our camp has to work on—their equipment and other instruments are quite old and some are even unusable anymore.

Now that I’ll be going back as a counselor, I hope I’ll be able to help improve this situation. I’ve been doing some research a few months back and was able to find some really affordable equipment for the camp. We really need new ones because most of the old ones fail during our recitals at the last day of the camp—especially the technical stuff. I heard that they sell good preamp at gc, and some other equipment can also be found online. Looking forward to discuss this with my fellow counselors and raise our voice to the big boss!

September 23, 2013

Thank God For The “Sin Tax”

I love my family and as much as possible I want the best for them, I want them to live long. I am always concerned about their health; what they eat, their vices and other things that can actually destroy them. I never did like smoking. I tried it before, puffing the cigarette and exhaling smoke to let everyone inhale it. It was not fun for me, and I’m glad I was never hooked to it. My father, mother and brother are so into it though. Every time I see them smoke, it really makes my blood boil; I hate the smell of smoke that sticks to your hair and clothes. Other people might misunderstand me as a smoker and every time I scold them, they would just ignore me thinking that I’m such a whiner. I am a whiner, I whine about these things: things than can harm people’s health, things that can kill you. So I am sorry for being such a whiner because I’m just a daughter who’s concerned about her family’s well being.

I am glad that the sin tax bill in the Philippines was now signed, and effective this year; my father said that he would stop smoking because he could not afford to smoke anymore. I’m glad that it will all be over soon. I guess I’m going to take his word for it and hope that he convinces my mother and brother to join him.

My Preferred Eyeglasses Frames

My friends laughed at me when they found out that I am still using my large eyeglass frames. I do not really care if they do not find me attractive with these eyeglasses. I tried replacing it with smaller frames but I was not comfortable with it. I am the kind of person who is more concerned about comfort rather than looks.

I remember when my boyfriend tried to convince me to make use of contact lenses instead of wearing eyeglasses. I did not listen to his suggestion. I am not used to putting anything strange on my eyes and I think it is quite dangerous. Wearing eyeglasses is my only preference and nobody can change my mind about it.

Fire Crackers and Gun Ban

The New Year’s Eve celebration was a feast, I ate a lot and I think all of the food was stored as fats because I’m as lazy as a pig afterwards, all I did was sleep after New Year’s Eve. The sky is not filled with fireworks but the night is great, you see the stars bright in the sky. It’s a city ordinance not to use fireworks; we only used trumpets, drums, engine roars and other things to make noise to welcome the year. But in other places here in the Philippines the sky is lit with bright colors, and the fire cracker’s noises are deafening, other people will also carelessly use guns.

Every year I would always know the effect of fire crackers and gun in welcoming the New Year. There would be exploded fingers, fires, and gunshots. This isn’t new; I really got tired seeing the news. I hate to see the children’s fingers burned and ruined to the point that it needs to be cut off, I hate it when another child dies because of a gunshot, and I hate how reckless the people handle things in the middle of a celebration. I call for a fire crackers and gun ban. There can be a fireworks display, only few people should be allowed to do so, to minimize the awful effects of the people’s recklessness and mishandling s, but the guns should be totally banned ever! The problem with the people here is that they always want to do their own thing and end up harming other people and even themselves. Why can’t the Philippines just celebrate with a nice fireworks display just like what other countries do?

A Friend's Confidential Story

I want my friend to know that I will support her all the way as she searches for a sexual harassment attorney in San Diego. Not all of her friends know what she is going through these days. I am one of the rare people to whom she confided her story with. It is a very sensitive matter and she knows that not everybody can understand her situation.

She is planning to file a case against her former boss. The man is very influential and my friend worries that she might not get the justice that she deserves. I promised her that I will help her find a really good lawyer so that the man who harassed her will be punished.

September 15, 2013

Save Time With A Dump Trailer

I became a contractor for a small company that hauls gravel, sand, and other materials. We used to own a truck, and from there, we would manually dump all the sand to the floor. Let me tell you, it was very exhausting on our part, not to mention it took us time to unload everything.

I was thinking of quitting when I saw a solution on the internet. Apparently, we could us a truck, or trailer that will do the job for us. After I pitched the idea to my boss, the company bought its very first dump trailers at It was like a weight was lifted off our shoulders. Never again would we have to do everything manually. The trailer was heaven sent.

August 22, 2013

Interview Blooper

This happened 5 years ago. I applied for a job in a multinational phone company. In the course of the job interview, I was asked by the interviewer, “So what do you know about our company?” I very proudly said, “Oh I know a lot about your company .It is the no.1 phone company in the US! In fact, I even memorized the words of the jingle in your commercial!” I started singing the jingle to impress her. She smirked then frowned. To my dismay and shock, she told me I was singing their competitor’s jingle! Needless to say I didn’t get a call back.

Indeed, it was one of the interview bloopers that happened in my life that I could never forget because I thought that I could almost seal a deal; Instead I got fired before I could even be hired. It was so embarrassing that I got so flustered. I was glad in a way however that I have learned my lessons from that mistake.

Fixing My Computers Dilemma

Due to the nature of my work, I spend most of my time using my computer. I utilize it to research topics, talk to clients, and so much more. Without it I would not know what to do, and I would find it hard to function. That is why I find it so irritating when my pc runs slow. Doing work takes too much time, and I have to spend hours finishing everything.

One time I almost submitted my projects late because of it. To fix this dilemma I searched for the cause of the problem. It turned out that I had too much applications installed, and some of my junk are not erased properly. I downloaded a PC cleanup to fix this, and my problems were as good as gone.

August 12, 2013

Y.A Book Rant

I hate it when people say or ask questions about outgrowing reading young adult books. What’s with that? Last year I got pissed when the bookstore attendant randomly said if I am buying the book for a teenager, so I said to her “ No, I’m buying it for myself” Oh my God! That really gets on my nerves. Young adult book is just a book category. Why is it different from adult books? And clearly they share the same premise that is to entertain a reader.

Insulting these kinds of books also insults the people reading them as well as the writers who write these kinds of books. Harry Potter is categorized as children’s books but many adults read them, meanwhile the Lord of the rings is an adult book and yet teens or even children reads them. it’s only a label and the quality of the content of the book is not determined by the section it sits in the bookstore.

A Used Clarinet For Beginners

My son wanted to play a musical instrument, and among the dozens of available ones, he chose the clarinet. The prices of some clarinets are a bit overwhelming, so I told my son that if he wants to buy one, then he needs to work hard for it. For my part, I scoured the net for a good buy. My wife recommended the new used clarinets at musicians friend because the price tag is just right, but the instrument itself is wonderful.

I bought it immediately to surprise my son. After receiving the package, we were amazed by the beauty of the clarinet. The color was highly commendable, and it looked too pretty to use. Of course my son was delighted and took it to his room quickly. We heard him practicing all night, and I must admit, he sounded great. Maybe it was sheer talent, but I know the clarinet has something to do with it.

Great Days and Great Coffee

I have always loved coffee, especially in the morning. It is an essential part of my breakfast. Because of my obsession with coffee, I practically buy all the brands and all the types of coffee I can ever get across. I think I have tasted almost all the types of coffee in the world. Almost, because there is one type of coffee that I don’t think I will ever have the appetite to sip – The exotic Alamid coffee, the one made from a wild cat’s feces. I don’t think I will ever have that in my life time.

But except for that, all the rest of the types of coffee that are made from real coffee beans are really great. As long as it is freshly brewed and the aroma is still rich, I can take that coffee any time of the day. Although, some of those flavored instant coffee are great for afternoon snacks, too so you also can’t disregard them.

A Strap For Every Personality

Whenever I play the guitar, the music just takes over, and my body moves to the rhythm. Sometimes I run around the stage during band rehearsals and gigs, and this cause applaud from the audience and extra energy from my band mates. One time though, I moved my hands a bit awkwardly, and the guitar strap lock just snapped out of place. I was so surprised that I nearly dropped my guitar on the floor.

After the gig, I went online to look for a replacement, and that was when I saw the new guitar strap locks at musicians friend. The designs are cool, and I found one that fits my personality. Also, the strong lock provides great grip that allowed me to dance and strum my guitar all over the stage. It was a great replacement, and addition to my guitar accessories. I’m thinking of buying one again soon.

Fairytale Movie Time With My Daughter

My daughter and I are watching Cinderella on Disney. You know how it is with fairytales, you like that happy ending story, the beautiful damsels in distress, gorgeous princes plus the beautiful songs they include into the movie that will really makes you want to watch it. My daughter and I watched this movie last year but she wasn’t really paying attention to the story she only likes the gown Cinderella wore and the music but other than that she’s not into it.

It really caught my attention now that when we were watching it, I noticed that she’s liking the story and she’s very much attentive and in fact could not take her eyes away from the TV screen. Maybe my daughter now understands stories or maybe she just changes her cartoon preferences, she always likes Barney but now she’s beginning to like other cartoons as well and I think that is good.

Beautiful Ring For A Pretty Lady

Jason was very nervous. He was off to a nearby café to meet his girl. That was the café where they first met, and in that place, he was planning to propose to her. Safely tucked in his pocket was one of the engagement rings that he saw earlier that day. It was a simple ring with a message engraved on the inside part. A diamond gleamed on its exterior. Though the diamond was not that big, it still glistened in the lights and Jason knew that his girl will be delighted.

Upon reaching the café, his palms began to sweat. When his girl arrived, he did not know how to proceed. He gathered his courage and went down in one knee. With a steady voice he raised the ring and asked her to marry him. His girl just stared at the ring, then smiled broadly and said yes. After all was said and done, Jason’s fiancée told him that the ring couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Women’s Skills in Basic Home Repair

My father passed away when I was very young so my mother had to teach me a lot of things at home that normally a man would do. If I were to say, she was really an all-around expert in home maintenance and repair. She was the electrician, the carpenter, the plumber, and sometimes the mechanic. She was a handy-woman who fixed the simple things that broke at home. Because of this skill, I began to see womanhood in a broader perspective. What I learned from school was definitely just a small portion of the many things that women can do.

I think that women are very special creatures that have great understanding of the processes of how things work if given the instructions. Contrary to what I see on TV or in children’s books, women have a lot of aptitude in the mechanisms of many things. My mom was the perfect example for that.

A Helping Hand With Immigration

I went to another country in search of a better work and future. One thing leads to another, and I desired to be a part of that country. I wanted to be able to vote, say my piece, and be legalized there; in short, I aspired to be a citizen. However, citizenship is very hard and can take years depending on the rules of the country. I knew that I would not be able to handle this alone. I needed help.

I went online to search for an immigration lawyer. Thankfully I found one immediately. The guy I called was very knowledgeable. He helped a lot of people before me, and he was successful at what he did. He told me what to do, gave me pointers, and assisted me in every step of the way. After several years, my dream came true, I became a citizen. It was all worth it, thanks to my attorney.

Forest Fires are the Ultimate Scare

It was one midmorning last summer when our peaceful neighborhood was brought into chaos because of falling ashes. It was a very scary scene with the entire sky covered in ashes like they were rain. Some of the ashes were still burning so the fear for roofs and houses were very intimidating in that situation. It was only minutes when we found out that the ashes came from a grassy hilltop that was burning that was about 2 kilometers away from the village. The fire was also creeping towards the houses so people were almost in a panic and getting ready with their garden hoses.

The neighbors who had earlier seen the fires called up the fire department. The firemen were a bit puzzled with what they saw when they arrived because it was the very first incident of wildfire they have ever encountered in the history of fire-fighting. Later, we found out that there were too much dead grasses on that hill and it burned with the heat of the sun. Some of my neighbors commented that this tiny wildfire is manifesting climate change which should not be neglected.

A Dollar A Day

My father has this weird saying about money. He always tells my brother and I when we were little that a dollar saved a day can make you rich someday. This belief holds true for me as my savings always come in handy on bad days when I literally have nothing. From a simple coin, my obsession developed to collecting the silver dollar. These types of money or coins are not spent every day. Rather, it serves as an investment.

Its prices can go up depending on the market movement, and you can buy and sell them if you know what you are doing. In some cases, these dollars can be passed on as an inheritance to your children or spouse, and it can help them stabilize their life in the future. They will be able to buy what they want, or go to college because of the inheritance you left.

August 5, 2013

The Stair Elevator Will Give You a Lift

As you grow older, you will notice several changes in your body. There is the occasional back ache; your knees are not as strong, and your eyesight begins to falter. These alterations make it hard for you to move around, or even go up the stairs. Because of that, majority of old people are confined on the lower portion of their homes. They would need someone to help them get up, and this affects their self-esteem because they have to rely on other people.

However, this is a natural occurrence in life. People get old; they develop several ailments, or aches in their body, preventing them to do as they please, even the simplest of activities like walking up the stairs. If you are facing the same dilemma, do not lose hope. You do not need any assistance from other people in order to reach your bedroom on the second or third floor of the building. What you require is a stair elevator. It is a wonderful piece of machine that will make you self-reliant and help you in climbing the stairs with ease.

This type of device can be installed anytime in your stairs. Using it, you simply have to sit down and enjoy the ride. You never have to make the effort of climbing those steep stairs anymore. If you are young and healthy, your father or grandpa can make use of this. This would be the best give you can give them for their old age. Not only will it soothe their tired feet and knees, it would also let them enjoy the process of climbing like never before.

July 28, 2013

Carousel ride: never again!

My daughter and I went to the mall just to take a stroll and as usual we stop by a bookstore to check on the latest books, admiring their beautiful covers and noting their prices as well so I can buy them next time if I have the money.

We pass through the children’s ride in the mall lobby and my daughter is all hyped up just seeing them, there is no stopping this kid because whether you like it or not you got to let her ride on them. The rides were all occupied with children and I bet I had to wait long because I bet those kids sure wont let go of the rides, so as much as I hate it we had to go with the carousel ride.

Just when the carousel started to move and spun around, I felt dizzy and my stomach began to roil but I have to fight it because I’m holding onto my daughter. The five minute ride felt like forever and I’m so glad it was all over.

A Great Salon Experience

It was Saturday, a time for me to relax, pamper and to relieve myself from all the stress I have gone through the whole week. I always look forward to weekends as it is the only time of the week I can loosen up. I looked at my schedule to check what time is my salon appointment. Well, it is scheduled at 1pm.

I usually do not look at signs or promos that my favorite salon is offering but this time, something caught my attention. A big and colorful sign says buy wigs at ultimate looks. My curiosity got me so I ask one of the handlers what it was about. The handler got very excited that she offered me a wide variety of wigs with different style and shade to try on. I was taken aback as I have not really wearing one. I tried to hide my excitement as I got one of the wigs. The handler set it on my head while I looked at the mirror for the outcome. I was very surprised that the style of the wig and the color fits me very well. So, I bought it without any hesitation. I was so amused as I walked home as I was wearing the nice wig.

Pubic Hair Riddance: Bad

I saw this topic on Yahoo news, the title itself is intriguing “Beware of Brazilian”, and so I had to check it out right away. It says in the article that according to the French doctors those pubic hair removal techniques such as; waxing, trimming, shaving and plucking can get us infected with a pox virus called Molluscum contageosun or MVC.

This MVC is like a painless nodule that appears on your skin and may disappear after a month or few, that is if you are healthy. It can also spread through different parts of the body so basically the mode of infection for this one is likely to be skin-skin contact, and it is also considered as STD.

You know what my reaction to this news? It’s like WTF! I really don’t wax down under because I’m afraid it hurts so I just trim or shave it and it has been said that 70% of those who use shaving techniques is prone to infection because they can traumatize or irritate the skin. So what am I going to do with mine huh? Just let it grow until it becomes a thick bush and I can’t even get a laser hair removal because it’s pretty much expensive. This is going to be a problem for me.

A Cybernetic Company Image Design

When launching a start-up company or business don’t ever skimp on cost for the company’s brand logo. The logo will be the band wagon that will carry the company’s name and this must have a recall. Those that keep thinking about the cost for a very eloquent logo design will later cost the company much.

What is needed for that very cybernetic company image logo design that would pluck total image recall is an online graphic designer. Even buying a pre-made logo design from online sites couldn’t give substance to the persona a customized company logo could endow. A very creative graphic designer would be able to incorporate the personality of the owners into the company’s logo design communicating to prospective clients the true character and flavor the company would be able to offer and deliver. The connection that would be detected from the company’s brand by the prospective clients will always facilitate good fellow feeling for the company thus cultivating a very rich business turf as a result. Making clients come again for repeated purchases thus amassing substantial profits.

June 30, 2013

The Lowdown on Bankruptcy

You just went through the rigorous and frustrating process of filing for bankruptcy. Now what? The appointed trustee now has to do his job by selling some of your assets to pay for your debt. If you filed for a chapter 7 bankruptcies then there is a possibility that you will keep your home and vehicle, but that still depends on the circumstances. There are some cases when an income payments agreement has to be signed for this will allow you to deal with your monthly installments.

There are several obligations that you must go through when you become bankrupt. This includes informing the Official Receiver about your assets and earnings, cooperating with your appointed trustee, and paying your debt and mortgage. This can be a tiring process so it is recommended to consult and research more about this. Now that you know what happens in bankruptcy, you need not be afraid and just continue what you are doing.

June 21, 2013

Dogs as Man’s Best Friend Should be Taken Care of

Do you love dogs? Dogs are considered man’s best friend. Their presence in your home can ease your boredom as these furry animals can make you smile. Dogs are of different breeds. When you decide to have dogs in your house, you have to consider some important things like their food and vitamins. You should have time for your dogs even if you are too busy with your work. They need to be pampered because they also have feelings.

They become lonely when you ignore them. If you can have the chance, try playing with them for a few minutes, and when you have enough time, bathe them. They are like your kids who need to be taken care of. When you have dogs, you feel secured because they are your guards. When somebody wants to barge into your house, dogs will notice the presence of strangers. As a responsible dog owner, you have to give them anti-rabies immunization, and when they get sick, give them the needed medicine. Dogs as man’s best friend can guarantee an unconditional love.

Reaching the Correct Notes

Lily belongs in a family of musical players. Her brother plays the Violin; her dad handles the trombone, while her mother is an expert when it comes to the flute. As for Lily, she is a good piano player. Together, they can easily play the orchestra and because of this, they frequently get invited to parties. Lately, Lily has been encountering several problems with her sustain pedal. It seems that is slipping, and for some reasons, it is not working as it should.

Whenever she plays the piano, she would have a hard time, making her frustrated in the process. To fix this problem, she decided to purchase great sustain pedal at guitar center which her cousin recommended. Not only did it solve her dilemma, it also allowed her to reach the correct notes. As it was made with the best materials, she knows that it will be with her for a long period of time. This only means one thing, more playing for Lily and her family.

I Bid My Farewell To The Sparkling Vampires

This movie date with my husband has been long overdue, we were supposed to watch it on the premier but due to some circumstances we had postponed it. At last I and my husband were in the cinema watching Breaking dawn while eating burger, fries, a Coke and some popcorn, I’m such a pig when I watch movies. Hey all these excitement is revving up my metabolism, I don’t want to be weak when the climax comes.

The movie was great, in my opinion they really gave the audience a good movie. And it’s nice to see Bella as a badass, I’m really tired of her awkwardness and weakness and seeing her with different emotions is refreshing, that she’s born to be a vampire, it’s like the purpose of her existence. The twist in the climax was really good, it kept my heart pounding and it got me confused. The finale came; the music playing in the background while they show all those past movie moments, the different movie characters while they flipped the pages of the book really got me into tears, and it just feels nostalgic and heartbreaking now that it ended. It was all worth it.

Shop for Christmas Ornaments Now

Most people make the mistake of purchasing Christmas ornaments on holiday season itself. You may be wondering why this is the case. The answer is simple, that is because the price of the ornaments will considerably balloon come Christmas time. This is purely a matter of supply and demand where some merchandisers will increase the costs as the demand rises. Do not follow this type of tradition because you will only find yourself with an empty wallet.

Instead, shop for christmas ornaments when Christmas season is far away. That way, you will save a tremendous amount of cash, allowing you to buy more important things like your son’s Christmas present or perhaps a new gadget for your husband. Learn to time your shopping spree, not only when it comes to ornaments, but for other things as well. People may find it weird that you are ordering Christmas stuff early, but it is your money you are saving and not theirs.

June 18, 2013

The Rising Gods of the East

I was having a fan girl moment and I kept browsing some information about my favorite Korean guy at the moment, Mickey Yoochun. I came to know that he belong to a very popular boy band in East Asia. I’ve known this band when I was still in High School but I did not pay much attention because all I care about was Britney Spears, Backstreet boys and N’sync. The band is called Dong Bang shin Ki (DBSK) in Korea, Tong fVang Xien Qi (TVXQ) in China and Tohanshinki in Japan. Their name all mean “the rising Gods of the East”.

The boy band consisting of five members was labeled as the “King of K-pop”, selling over 11 million album copies throughout their career in Japan and Korea alone and they have one of the biggest fandom in the world, the Cassiopeia in Korea and Big East in Japan earned a Guinness World of record in 2008. They have 800,000 fans in Korea alone, how much more in Asia or the World? But since the hiatus in 2010, the band only returned as a Duo leaving the other members, leaving my Mickey (why oh why?) with the other 2 members out.

They have a problem with SM entertainment, the agency who recruited them, its sad to know that this group separated and as I watch their videos in Youtube, I can see their fans sad comments about their band break up. It must have been difficult for the fans to let go, and they still want all five of them back together. The other members formed a new band consisting of a Trio called JYJ, and that’s where Mickey is now. I guess thanks to their break-up, I would never see Mickey in my favorite dramas today.

June 6, 2013

The Coveted Bangle, By A Little Tyke

Every Mom, well a full time one at that set aside one whole day of the week for mall, grocers and market day. Mine and the family is the second and fourth Saturday, if nothing come up before that or after that will cancel the normal schedule and conform to the necessity of going on that crucial day. We live quite far from the city and its malls, which for the kids tagging along is a life and death situation, with death if they will be left at home.

One fateful Sunday just recently was the crucial day. The Father won’t hear of going to church in the city, malls must wait after church here at home. Then the imposed schedule was followed for we would have no money to pay for purchases if we go ahead with what we want. Traveling along with the kids complete and happily chattering for Dad told them they could buy their heart’s desires of up to $50 maximum. The youngest usually the most vocal one was quiet.

When asked if he is sick, he motioned for my head to bow so he could whisper in my ears “Could you add an extra $5 to what Dad would give? I do want so much to buy Mickay a bangle.” Without saying a word I winked and at home by early evening the neighbors could hear my eldest daughter’s shriek. The little twerp gave her the bangle she had been eyeing for a long time now at the mall. The little one, received a bag of jelly beans from the three older ones and a box of retractable crayons from me. He so much enjoyed our day at the mall he mumbled and fall asleep.

How it Works Out well?

Last week I am installing a 4 foot antenna on my boat that has a bimini top and I’m concerned about how the reception will be. My mom suggested me a lot new things to do before getting into it. She suggested me that the higher you can get that antenna the better your reception will be. She said to think creatively, and find a spot on the bimini if it is up most of the time or outside the bim if you bring it up and down a lot. As a rule, you should always mount an antenna away from other metal, the longer the antenna, the better the performance.

The Best option, use the 8' antenna and place higher than your bimini top. Next best would be place the 4' outside and above your top. There is a certain parasitic action which takes place between antennas and surrounding metal, it is best to avoid it. The actual loss and deformation of the antenna pattern would be difficult to explain but the radiation pattern from an antenna is like a donut around the antenna, you put another piece of metal in the beam pattern and it is like taking a bite out of the donut, this will be an area of poor reception and transmission coverage.

June 3, 2013

Bringing Happiness To Our Love Ones

We would always exert an effort for the sake of our friends and love ones because we love them. When there are some celebrations, we would spend some cash by buying something that shall make them happy and make them love us more. These challenges are just normal because this would measure our love for each other and also strengthen the bond within our relationship.

We are living in the 21st century and everything is so advanced. We would sometimes use the internet to check things that will surely make our love ones smile. When giving some gifts or travelling out of town, we would consult the online market for some tips. To make the bondage between us stronger, we would sometimes have trips every season. For example during winter, we would ski and sometimes check the for ski jackets for people for all ages. These acts show that we are all willing to work hard for the pleasure of our dearest ones.

May 22, 2013

Rating Two Kisses

I’m currently reading a book right now and it has a love triangle going on. The girl was comparing the kisses she has shared with both guys. Kissing guy number one felt hot and nerve-racking and definitely something that is more passionate while the guy number two felt something like a familiar kiss, comfortable and easy. It’s just like lying in a hammock while enjoying a book, just carefree.

She likes both guys, so I wondered if I were the girl and if I’m going to rate the kisses I shared with these guys, guy number one would get a 10 and guy number two would get a 6 (lol). Kissing guy number two is not that bad, in fact I like sweet kisses but who doesn’t like a fierce and passionate kiss huh?
There’s nothing more desirable than a passionate kiss, it’s like every part of you is dazed and all you can think about is the intensity of how you feel about each other, catching your breath while your lip locks with such ferocity that even after you unlock it, the feeling still lingers in your lips. I mean come on who doesn’t want that?

May 16, 2013

Kitchen Sink: The Standard of the Kitchen

A person’s home is considered their castle and like a castle most people want to keep it as clean as they can for any guest that may stop by. Many people will focus on their bedrooms, living rooms as well as dining rooms, but there is no more important room than the kitchen. The kitchen is a very significant part of anyone’s home as this is the place where the refrigerator, sink as well as food is. No matter how clean the rest of your home is, if a kitchen sink is dirty than the entire look and feel of your home will be thrown off.

It is very important that every kitchen has quality kitchen sinks. Sinks are the trademark of anyone’s kitchen and can make or break the overall look of the kitchen. In many cases a good sink will come in a wide variety of different features as well as look beautiful.

May 9, 2013

Expressing Through Poetry

You can express your feelings through poetry; I do this every time I feel happy, sad or angry, but most of the time I come up with a poem when I am feeling down or hurt. I don’t know why melancholy inspires me to write. The best poems i write was really not that long, it’s quite short and doesn’t really follow a certain pattern. It’s just free writing where you just try to write what you are feeling. I’ve written it out of love, fear and sadness.

I wrote one poem back in the days when I was so much in love with my husband. The poem I wrote is kind of erotic. The inspiration came to me when a third party was involved and he got confused between the two of us, so he asked for a space, to think things over. Those days where dreadful and I kept thinking about him, my fear and longing inspired me to write. I posted it on the local online literary journal and it got accepted and unknowingly it was included in a book compilation of poems and short stories. I was surprised, all I did was just wrote and posted it and now it’s in a book. I gave myself a treat because of that, I’m so proud of myself.

May 3, 2013

Domination of Men in the Society

Years have passed and men have dominated both the politics and the economy of the world. Men have also made great efforts to be the catalyst of change and make our society a better place to live. It may be sometimes hard to understand what men thinks, but when they speak; every problem tend to grow lighter and smiles begin to form in our lips.

Men have different kinds of personalities and their needs are based on what kind of persons are they. For example, there are some men who would like to be organized and have full control of all things. He would have all kinds of planners, briefcases for men, suits, pagers, pens, etc. There are some men who would be easy go lucky; some would be dominating and some are assertive. But, whatever type of men there is, we should not forget that in every men’s success is a women: who are actually their mothers, sisters, daughters, partners or wives.

April 24, 2013

Philippine Senator Not Impressed With J.Lo?

I burst out laughing after I saw this news at yahoo, Senator Miriam Santiago stated that she was not impressed with Jennifer Lopez’s concert performance; she got a VIP ticket by the way. She said that her ears were bombarded with noise and as soon as she started dancing and singing the audience was screaming and shouting and singing with her music. They’re like hypnotized with this idol. She also points out that kids today should be listening to classical music and ballet instead.

These didn’t shock me at all, senator Santiago was well known to be straightforward about what she’s feeling. She’s a senator and she’s old and not so open minded about the evolution of music and trends today. What came to me as a shock was her presence in the J,Lo’s concert. Why was she even there in the first place? I guess someone just pulled her to come along and enjoy the show which she didn’t.

April 17, 2013

What I Hate About Facebook

Facebook has been the most widely used social networking site, I came to know about Facebook four years ago and I haven’t got to socially use it not until I had a number of friends and common friends of friends. That’s when I tried to socialize using it, it basically more of gossip rather than keeping in touch.

I have come to the point of stalking my boyfriend’s social activities, and that’s when I come to known things that should not be seen or should be left unseen. So what I did I tried to be cool in Facebook, put cool status so people would like or comment it. Yes, this is what Facebook did to me; I became insecure when people would ignore my status. I hate it when other people get so many likes for something that’s just ordinary or doesn’t make sense. I guess Facebook is like high school, the popular ones get more attention. Sadly I probably belong to the geeks or nerds waiting to be noticed. So ever since I married and got a child, I pay little attention to it. But I always raise eyebrow whenever I see people post status that annoy me, especially when their bragging about all the superficial things. I hate it!

April 9, 2013

The Best Things In Life Are Free

I say yes to this quote, I never appreciated this before because all I think about is the importance of money. Yes, in the world we live in today, we need money to survive. It’s our necessity but money isn’t all that we need. Sometimes we pay more attention to the material things; like gadgets, jewelries, big houses, trendy clothes, cool cars. We try to lift our careers to achieve these things that make us happy.

Yes they do make us happy, because when we have all of this stuff; it makes us proud of ourselves to have achieved this much. But what happens next? We lose our purpose, because we assume that we already have all. But what we don’t realize that the littlest things, the ordinary things that we do together with the people we love is what makes us truly happy. The simple family dinner where everyone laughs and jokes with everybody, when your partner says he’s sincerest I love you, the first time your child says mama, the good memories, the sweet kisses and warm hugs. These cannot be bought, but it sure makes us undeniably happy.

April 1, 2013

Elevator Scare

I saw this video uploaded in Facebook, it’s about an elevator prank in Brazil. When one rides in that elevator the lights will go out as if the power was shut down then this pretend creepy ghost girl carrying a doll will immediately get inside the elevator through a secret compartment before the power returns and when the lights are switched on you’ll find yourself trapped inside with a creepy girl staring at you screaming while you struggle to get out then the power went out again and the girl will also disappear.

I don’t like scary pranks; I swear if someone will do this to me I would be really angry. If I was in that elevator I would probably fainted after screaming or die of a heart attack. Seriously though, they should not be pranking old people, what were they thinking? If they died from a heart attack they are going to wish they shouldn’t have done that. It may be funny to other people but if you were in the position of the person being pranked, it was not funny at all.

I’m Not Perfect, I’m Only Human

This has become a very cliché excuse of people. Sometimes it’s irritating to hear people cover up their stupidity just because they are only human and are capable of mistakes. I never use this excuse because it’s like the lamest excuse you can ever think off but come to think of it, this statement is in fact true, we humans are capable of mistakes and a series of mistakes is called stupidity.

Come to think of it we are human, no matter how high and mighty good we are, we still look up ahead, or slip behind, we get tired, get annoyed, easily ashamed, fall in love and get hurt but we still choose to love again. Why should we be ashamed of committing mistakes? It’s because we’re humans and not robots, even robots has its flaws. The most cliché excuse is actually true, but should not be often used.

March 28, 2013

The Healing Power Of The Hands

I’m always tense because of work. Though I perform well, my boss and I don’t see each other eye to eye and this contributes to my stress. I used to take a pill to calm my nerves and I know it will not do me any good in the long run so I sought an advice from the expert. My doctor told me to play Hand Drums because this will help me relax. At first I was a skeptic, how can playing this instrument help me?

However, I still gave it a shot and soon noticed several changes in my attitude. Whenever I play it at night, I felt better in the morning. This allowed me to cope better in the office. I’m no longer scared of my boss; instead I mind my own business, learn from the constructive criticism and do not let the gossip affect me. I learned that it’s because of the rhythm of the drum; it organizes my brainwaves and relaxes me in a way. I’m a totally changed person because of it.

March 23, 2013

Bad Morning

Ever woke up in the wrong side of the bed? That’s what I feel today. I’m staying at my mother’s house with my annoying brothers. Since I’m staying here, I usually do the cooking and help do some chores too. That’s really fine with me because I and my kid get to stay here temporarily for free.

What really set me off is the attitude that my brothers are giving me. I don’t like to be treated as a nanny, I’m their sister and I’d like to be treated with respect. If I need help on something or to kindly babysit my kid for a while would be a good way to return the favor. I don’t want them raising a tone on their voice when I’m asking them for something. I hate kids today! Whatever happened to family spirit? A family should help each other, not giving each other headaches. Maybe this is the result of the media; television, internet, radios. I don’t even get what’s the essence of the cartoons they’re showing today, their funny but it’s inappropriate and confusing. I should be scared for my own child. The attitudes of kids today are very upsetting. Despite the moral values that you’re teaching, they are easily broken by media.

March 16, 2013

New SARS-like cases in Saudi Arabia

There have been recent cases of a virus similar to SARS found in Saudi Arabia were two people have died by it. And there are 6 similar cases found in Qatar. Reuters stated that a man from Qatar got the disease when he visited Saudi and likely spread the virus when he got back from the country. It has been reported to the World health Organization that the disease is caused by a corona virus; it has similarities with SARS which have killed thousands of people worldwide.

The virus emerging right now might be the second strain of SARS and it is really frightening to think that the incident last 2002 might be repeating again. But there are reports that some infected people recovered from the disease. This virus has flu-like symptoms which include coughing, sneezing and fever. This is spread through airborne and transmitted through droplet infection or close contact. I hope that health experts may come up of a vaccine soon enough or else history will repeat itself.

A Booster For More Efficient Air System

Looking for air boosters that will give you the air pressure that you need in your system? The most important thing about them is that what you get in is what you get out. In this case you should look for the boosters which are oil free. If you have ever used compressed air then you should know the advantages of using this kind of air. Compressed air is considered to be more safe, convenient and labor saving. These advantages are enough to account for the high cost of compressed air.

Due to these high costs of compressed air many industries have been avoiding it but this should no longer bother you any more as boosters can help you in this. They are not very expensive and the good thing is how they function. You can find these important machines in many stalls, manufacturing industries and also online. You can easily order your own by just login in to their website and following the instructions.

My Friend’s Baby Has VSD

A friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl last month, she did not post any pictures of her newborn on Facebook so I was quite surprise, she didn’t even updated her profile. I couldn’t reach her phone either. I message her to know about how well she is and her baby, still, no answer. So I thought maybe she needs space, or maybe she’s having postpartum depression. Not until today that she posted a picture of her and her baby and then everyone is congratulating her.

I learned from the comments that her baby is suffering from Ventricular septal defect (VSD), this usually occurs in newborns. VSD is a hole in the ventricles, the lower chamber of the heart. In VSD the blood being passed through the chambers is mixed because of the hole, this will give the heart too much work to do and will later result to heart failure, not only that, since there is a problem with the flow of oxygenated and un-oxygenated blood, the body receives less oxygen from the blood and can lead to cyanosis. The defect should be surgically corrected to improve the baby’s condition.

I’m glad to know that her baby is the 1st priority in surgery. I’m still hoping that the baby is strong enough to undergo operation. My friend has been praying for her baby and I hope that she can watch her grow up.

March 9, 2013

Politics, Religion And The People

People really can’t help mixing politics with religion, and so is the other way around. Why is it so important that they have to co-exist? Maybe because religion has strong influence on the people allegiances but there are also complexities that one cannot deny.

The impact of religion in politics also has the downside to it. The laws that the government makes are influenced by our religious faith. It is also the basis on how humane or moral the laws that we make are. In the Philippines and other countries, religion plays a great role in our society. Politician’s moralities are questioned once their actions are different from teachings of the church. The priests and other religious people may preach on it during the mass, explaining how our leaders take a different path to what is God is teaching us, we should not follow them and they should not lead a country. But what the church should try understanding is that, to be able to lead a country one must weigh between what matter most, and what is for the greater good. I believe in God but I also believe in the greater good.

March 6, 2013

Delafield petroleum drop hose

The oil and gas industry represent a huge industry. People who work in this domain should know how to use delafied petroleum drop house. I am sure that the people working in this industry knows how to pick good quality products because they are experienced enough to know. Having a hose in a house really can make things easier for the owners. That is also the case of Delafield petroleum drop hose.

When it comes to this you can choose between an unbraided, single braid, double braid or triple braid. The materials used are bronze and monel. The hose construction has to conform to ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, boiler and pressure vessel code. It can be used for high temperatures- up to 1500°F. Flexible metal hose assemblies is certified to European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Pressure is up to 5,000 PSI. Delafield petroleum drop hose can be used for turbines, solar fields, alternative fuels, green technologies.

A Fun Winter Craft For Toddlers

Winter is a great season to be a child, but sometimes mommy and daddy have to decide that it’s too cold to go outside. What kind of fun crafts can children do with winter themes, allowing them to enjoy the snow and forget that they’re not actually outside in it? There are actually many, all of which are fun and safe at the same time.

A particularly simple but fun activity for winter play inside days is creating winter mittens out of paper and the outline of their own hand. This activity is not just appropriate for older children, but also for toddlers who always seem to have a blast using their imaginations to create stylish winter mittens in as many colors as there are crayons, colored pencils, water colors and sparkly dust to decorate them with.

March 2, 2013

Selecting The Correct Cigar Lighter

The cigar lighters come in different styles and sizes. There are a lot of brands available in the market, so this can be very difficult for the consumer to choose the correct one. Sometimes you will buy this lighter because you will give it as a gift to other people, and not necessarily for your own use. In order to ensure the receiver of the gift will be satisfied with your choice, you need to know how to get the right one.

Torch lighters containing jet flames are the most preferred type by smokers of cigars. You can also opt for a double jet flame because this will make it easier for a person to light the cigar. Also, different lighters have different feature so research first before purchasing one. Consider the style of the smoker when buying a particular design. You don’t want him to be ashamed when using this gift of yours so think hard about it.

Facebook Status And “Like” Arrest Case In India

“With all respect, every day, thousands of people die, but still the world moves on. Just due to one politician died a natural death, everyone just goes bonkers. They should know, we are resilient by force, not by choice. When was the last time, did anyone showed some respect or even a two-minute silence for Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Azad, Sukhdev or any of the people because of whom we are free-living Indians? Respect is earned, given, and definitely not forced. Today, Mumbai shuts down due to fear, not due to respect.” These are the words that Shaheen Dhada put as a status update in Facebook. And her friend Renu Srinivasan “liked” the status. And because of this they got arrested under section 505(2) of the Indian Penal Code and section 66A of the of the Information technology act. Basically these laws states that one should not use the internet for demeaning a character or promote violence and hatred.

I think that the arrest was absurd. The college student was just stating her opinion. I thought that India was a democratic country? Well, this clearly violates the freedom of expression. Come one! It’s as if the student is inciting a rebellion? “Respect is earned and not forced”, I really believe in this. Arresting these students because of an honest opinion makes the government of India defensive and dictatorial in a sense.

The Right Type Of Guitar

People who are not well-versed with guitars usually do not know about the steel guitar. This is also known as the Hawaiian guitar because it was developed there somewhere between the 19th or 20th century. To play it properly, you need to place it in a horizontal position. One hand is used to pluck the string, while the other can change the pitch using a slide that is typically made of metal or glass.

Like any other guitar, this type has different designs, styles, and shapes. It is a very common instrument played for blues or even country music. Nowadays, it is incorporated to pop or even rock music. This guitar can sometimes be played in the lap, but manufacturers tried to innovate it by releasing different stands to help the player. A lot of accessories are also available, so don’t be afraid when the string gets broken because you can easily buy one.

Get Your First Mellophone

The ensemble’s sound will never be complete without a classic mellophone. The pitch is distinct, and it makes for the perfect musical instrument. When buying one, make sure you get the correct mellophone according to your skill level. There is one available for beginners, immediate levels, and even professionals. Do not attempt to get one that is out of your league, especially if you are a beginner because you will have a hard time learning it that way.

Next, there are a lot of brands available in the market so check different forums first to learn what the best one there is. Remember that the sound of a good mellophone also depends largely on its quality, so getting this instrument from a reputable manufacturer, retailer or dealer will do the trick. Finally, there are a lot of accessories for the mellophone. Get a stylish case or bag that will be able to protect your musical instrument.

February 23, 2013

Go Herbal For Your Cough

My mother used to give this medicine to us when we were kids. This is an herbal medicine that helps when you have a cough or asthma or other respiratory problems, it is also relieves rheumatism, dyspepsia and boils. Back in the days the medicine was really cheap and there’s only one store where she buys it. Today, you can buy it from any pharmacies in the Philippines.

This medicine I called Lagundi, it’s scientific name is Vitex negundo. Lagundi is grown in the Philippines. It’s leaves, roots and seeds are used medicinally. They are washed and boiled like tea. These is how the Filipino folks used Lagundi long ago but today they now commercially produced in a form of capsuled, tablets and syrups. The Department of Health have found the medicinal value of the plant and promoted the use of herbal plant products such as Lagundi. I am still using Lagundi whenever I’m coughing. I also give this to my child. It’s herbal and there has been no side effects reported about the herbal medicine. It’s affordable and effective.

February 22, 2013

Your Child Has Diarrhea, What Do You Do?

Diarrhea is one of the leading causes of death among children. As a parent we should be aware that this is not just a common ailment. If diarrhea cannot be prevented in an early stage then worse comes worst. I am a parent and I should know what diarrhea can do to my child.

You know when it’s Diarrhea if a child has more than four bowel movements in a day. And it is characterized by loose or watery stools. And this is usually caused by bacteria, virus or parasites. Not only that your child loses water, he loses the electrolytes that your body needs and this leads to dehydration. If your child is weak, has poor skin turgor and has sunken eyes, then you have to take him to a hospital because this is severe dehydration and he badly needs intravenous fluids to replenish the electrolytes lost.

To reduce the risk of dehydration, have your child drink an oral rehydration solution or you can make one. In a liter of water mix a teaspoon of sugar and salt and you might want to serve him bananas or apples to replace the potassium lost. Remember that the home made solution should only be consumed within 24 hours.

February 19, 2013

Cheap Skin Peeling Product That Works

My face just recently been bombarded by pimples and blackheads, I couldn’t face the mirror and look at the ugly face in front of it. The healed pimples left a lot of dark spots and blemishes and I just don’t know what to do with it. Luckily our helper saw my dilemma and suggested that I should try Skin Mate shark oil. She said that in just a week’s time my face will lighten up and with continued use my blemishes would be gone in no time.

I kind of doubt the product but I decided to try it anyway. I bought it in a local drugstore. It’s very cheap, it only cost me 100 pesos for a small bottle. Skin mate shark oil is like oil with an astringent. It works by peeling off the skin. You have to apply it to your face once a day, and it is advisable to use your fingertips when applying because cotton causes allergy to the skin. After applying the product put on a moisturizer.

After two days my skin starts peeling lightly and after a week my face did lighten up. And my skin feels soft and supple. I’m so happy that I tried the product. Right now I am only applying shark oil every other day for skin maintenance.

February 18, 2013

Weight Loss Summary: February 2013

FebruarySpinstepsMuscle CondAfter SixWaterCalories
1810,000-70 oz1,555
1910,000-70 oz000
2010,000-70 oz000
2110,000-70 oz000
2210,000-70 oz000
2310,000-70 oz000
2410,000-70 oz000
2510,000-70 oz000
2610,000-70 oz000
2710,000-70 oz000
2810,000-70 oz000

Week 1: Food Diary

Monday 02/18/13
Breakfast: cookies 200, 2 eggs 240, bread 90 = 460 cals
Lunch: veg salad = 390 cals
Dinner: soup = 280
Snacks: cashews 220
Water: 96 oz
All Day total: 1,350 calories
Activity: spin, walk

Tuesday 02/19/13
Breakfast: eggs = 210
Lunch: smart ones = 260
Dinner: soup 175, bread 90, 2x hotdog+bun 620, cookies 80 = 965
Snacks: 2 oranges =200
Water: 72
All Day total: 1,635

Wednesday 02/20/13
All Day total:

Thursday 02/21/13
All Day total:

Friday 02/22/13
All Day total:

Saturday 02/23/13
All Day total:

Sunday 02/24/13
All Day total:

February 16, 2013

Mockingjay, the Last Book In The Hunger Games Trilogy

I really need to do this book review. I’ve read a lot of comments about this book and some of them are a bit negative. Others rant about how depressing the book was and that something is lacking.

Well I just read this last month; I kept pacing right through it because the 2nd book’s ending was really exciting so I just couldn’t put the book down. Honestly, the book gave me mixed emotion s. It left me happy but sad at the same time. The final book is really different from the previous books; the action here is a bit serious, intense and deeper. You can feel how Katniss is struggling to be the icon of rebellion. Her every move can either free the people from capitol or break the ones she loves.

Yes this book is depressing because the ending does not really satisfy you. It makes you crave for more and there are still questions left unanswered. Was the book’s finale real or not real? I say “real” because to be able to achieve something as big as freedom and equality should entail sacrifices. Sometimes you can’t always get the happy ending that you want. With that, the ending for me is depressing but “real”.

February 13, 2013

Pets: Do I Hate Them Or Love Them?

I’m really not into pets because I don’t the responsibilities. I have had a lot of pets, but sadly none of them really lived very long except for our pet dog “Pochi” he’s a Japanese spitz. I like dogs, small dogs actually. I never tried big dogs before, but I would like to have a Golden Retriever. I don’t like feisty dogs like the Doberman and Pit bulls. I got bitten by a dog when I was a kid so I don’t like dogs that scare me, I prefer small dogs kind of like the cute and fluffy ones, so that I can easily restrain them just in case.

I also had a pet cat when I was a kid. My brother and I adopt him because he was so thin and small. We get to keep him until he grew up but I can’t seem to remember what happened to him, I think he got left when we transferred. I also had a pet rabbit named “Snowball” but he died, nope, he was killed by a cat. So now I hate cats because I love that rabbit and he was so adorable but the cat just went into our house, found and attacked him. The rabbit was adorable but he poops everywhere, and he likes eating hair! It’s not even grass! I love pets but I guess I get tired of them easily. I’m sticking with my dog now, because he constantly annoys me.