December 27, 2012

To Be Entertained By Cheaters

I have come to notice the movies and the TV drama series that the Philippines are making, it all involves cheating, bastards, secret affairs, divorce, obsession, sex and scandal, maybe because it is the reality now that this is happening and cannot be avoided. And I don’t know why people like these movie trends. It has become popular nowadays, the love triangle that we are seeing in Asian TV drama series. I don’t know why we are so entranced by these trends. Yes, it’s quite entertaining to see three people being played with circumstance. It’s intriguing but in reality it sucks.

If you ask me, I don’t think that it’s good to promote these kinds of films because our kids today might misunderstand or likely be confused about what they are seeing. These kids especially the young adults that are in their most crucial stage of life might think it’s alright to have an affair while you are married. It might show them how cruel reality is or they might be experiencing these kinds of things in their family, which can add weight to their burden. I think it would be best that they should make more family oriented films, films that show hope, unity and inspiration, a film or TV series which the whole family can enjoy.

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