December 30, 2012

SungKyungKwan Scandal Review

I love Korean dramas and I recently finished watching the SungKyungKwan scandal series. The story is set in the Joseo era, so it involves the history of Korea. The SungKyungKwan is a well know university where the scholars study the way of Confucius. The heroine Kim-yun-hee, in the story pretends to be his brother Kim-Yun-Shik in order for her to enter the university. She’s a smart girl who transcribes text from books, back in the day’s women only stays home and studying in a university is unnecessary and prohibited, but in her case she pretends to be a man and work in a bookstore to feed her family and pay for her brother’s medication. To pay for her family’s debt, Lee-Sung-Jun, her love interest in the story convinced her to enter Sungkyungkwan because he thinks her talents would only be put to waste if she’s going to spend her life transcribing books. Well he doesn’t know she’s a girl yet.

I like this series because it has a light romance, the drama is unique, it is comical especially when all the main characters are together, and they really portrayed their roles well. This series has 20 episodes and I never thought I would stay up all night just to finish it. I got too hooked because of the weird romance. You know how the guy repels himself from the heroine because he thinks he’s falling in love with a man, which he really could not believe. Oh how I love the bromance here, it’s so intriguing it makes my heart flutter every time I see them caring for each other in a sort of a manly but odd way. He did find out she’s a girl, which made him relieved. All in all the series is great, but I really wasn’t happy about the epilogue. I think that it could be better. The story is so good that I hope the epilogue could be better. I still can’t get over the bromance though.

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